Why Consider a Healthy Vending Franchise?

There’s never been a better time to start a healthy vending franchise. And as the demand for fresh, nutritious, on-the-go snacks and drinks continues to grow, this industry is poised for more success in the decades to come.

As a potential business owner, you always need to weigh your options carefully and do your research before making an investment of any kind. You want to make sure you choose an opportunity that fits your financial goals as well as your lifestyle. And, you need to ensure that you are aligning yourself with a company that is committed to your success and always thinking ahead to provide customers with the products they’re looking for.

So, what’s all the buzz about “healthy vending?” Let’s take a look at just a few of the numerous advantages of positioning yourself in this exciting industry.

Benefits of a Healthy Vending Franchise Business

1. A business you can feel good about
It’s not just about capitalizing on a huge need – it’s about social entrepreneurship and doing good for society! Starting a healthy vending franchise gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping an important cause: increasing access to the foods that people need to be healthy and happy. It’s a business for the greater good.

2. Strong market appeal
As statistics show growing rates of obesity in this country, more Americans are making the decision to seek healthier lifestyles and healthier foods. A healthy vending franchise gives you the opportunity to tap into this wide, diverse market, providing the nutritious options that today’s consumers are looking for.

3. Ease of operation
Vending has long been a great solution for entrepreneurs who want to avoid the hassle and high costs of opening a larger franchise business, such as a restaurant or fast food chain. A vending business is affordable, easy to operate, and easy to scale.

4. Convenience – for you and your customers
We’ve already shown you that consumers want healthier food options – but they also want them fast, so they can eat healthy even when tackling their busy schedules. Your healthy vending (Learn More) franchise enables people to grab and go without sacrificing nutrition – right at the gym, the office, school, stores and other locations. Plus, since vending is virtually automated, your business stays open around-the-clock, making money when you’re not there.

5. Higher profits per item sale
Our target markets are willing to spend more for healthy products that make them feel good. At HUMAN Healthy Vending, our wide assortment of healthy products produce higher profits per sale than traditional vending machines – often 2 times as much.


Learn more about opening a healthy vending franchise

HUMAN Healthy Vending was the world’s first 100% healthy vending company. Since Day 1, we’ve been committed to the simple idea of “easy nutrition everywhere.”

We offer a fun, exciting and socially responsible business opportunity for all levels of entrepreneurs. Our state-of-the-art machines give customers a wide selection of healthy food and drink options. Plus, the machines are equipped with high-tech features that attract customers and boost your bottom line, including LCD screens with video advertising, remote inventory monitoring and power-saving devices.

Contact us today to see why Forbes magazine named HUMAN Healthy Vending one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” and how you can get involved.