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In the simplest words? The Young Entrepreneur’s Program empowers youth in undeserved areas to become social entrepreneurs and masters of their own health.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Program is the predominant focus of HUMAN Healthy Vending’s non-profit, HUMAN Everywhere. YEP’s mission is to empower youth to learn the ropes of social entrepreneurship by owning and operating their own eco-friendly healthy vending business in the comfort of their school and with the support of their peers, school staff and HUMAN Healthy Vending.

Students learn about the most pressing challenges we face today: health disparities, food deserts, and junk food diets that play a large role in our current health crises. Even better? They learn how to create solutions.

YEP teaches children that they can revolutionize an entire industry – such as the vending industry, which has typically worked against the better health of the nation – and turn it into something that provides wellness to the population.

How Does YEP Work?
1. A FREE HUMAN Healthy Vending machine is placed in your school
2. A student team is selected to “own & operate” the healthy vending business
3. HUMAN provides entrepreneurial and nutrition education, machine training and guidance
4. Your school earns money and your students become social entrepreneurs!

How else do schools benefit? In addition to teaching students how to become social entrepreneurs, YEP provides additional value-add by:

•Teaching and promoting health and nutrition. Students learn to distinguish between healthful food (aka “HUMAN” food) and ALIEN “food” (aka food-like substances that Attack Life as Infectious Enemies of Nutrition) by way of Captain HUMAN, HUMAN’s health-focused mascot whose purpose is to make “easy nutrition everywhere!” HUMAN’s fun and interactive approach to health encourages children to be mindful and proactive consumers.

 Providing hands-on education in entrepreneurship that reinforces classroom studies.Students gain insight into the real world application of basic math and English and learn valuable problem solving and critical thinking tools. For example, students learn how math applies to basic business accounting, how refined communication aids in marketing, how research skills aid in sourcing the best prices for products, etc.

 Providing a revenue stream for cash-strapped schools. Schools keep 100% of their healthy vending machine business’ profits, which can be used for nutrition and health programs, college funds, or for underfunded extracurricular activities.


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