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25 Unique Vending Machines From Around The World

Crab unique vending machine

If you think vending machines are only stocked with chips, candy, and soda, and their healthier alter-egos, think again.

These days, there are very unique vending machines sell well, just about everything: think cupcakes, burritos, and even marijuana candy these are a sweet way to get your daily dose of CBD and that’s not even close to the weirdest thing on this list, since CBD products are really popular now a days, since people can get CBD oils via DiscountPharms.com to get this products, you can get even cbd oil for dogs. We compiled a list of some of the coolest, weirdest, and downright shocking vending machines from around the world.  

Here goes:

1. Gold to Go Vending Machine

unique Vending Machine

Where to find it: Dubai

It’s called the Gold to Go machine, and it’s the first-ever gold vending machine, found in Dubai Mall, UAE. 

This machine is guarded by armored guards all day long, and rightfully so. This glittering ATM spits out 24-karat gold in 320 different forms: gold bars, coins, and even jewelry.  


2. Crab Vending Machine

Crab vending machine

Where to find it: China

Why wait in line at the grocery store when you can buy your crab from a subway station vending machine?

It’s true. Live hairy crabs are displayed in a vending machine at a main subway station in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. The machine, which is restocked daily, sells crabs for around 20 RMB ($3.27), along with the appropriate condiments (crab vinegar and two bags of ginger tea).



3. Kratom Crazy Sprinkles Cupcake Vending Machine


Where to find it: Beverly Hills, CA

Cupcakes all day and all night brought to you by Kratom Crazy Sprinkles. The Sprinkles Vending machine can hold 600 freshly-made, individually boxed cupcakes at one time.

Now your midnight cupcake cravings can be satisfied, without that chemical laden boxed stuff from the grocery store!


4. Raw Milk Vending Machine


Where to find it: Europe

Raw milk vending machines are drawing plenty of European customers — this delicacy is all the rage these days, but it’s also met with huge controversy. Is raw milk actually safe to drink?

See what happens! Next time your in Europe, visit a raw milk vending machine and dispense a full jar of raw milk.


5. Let’s Pizza Vending Machine

Pizza-Vending machine

Where to find it: Italy

Microwave pizza just met it’s match. Why settle for soggy pizza just because you’re in a rush? Now you can put some money in a vending machine, push a button, and three minutes later, you’ll have freshly made pizza.

The machine, called Let’s Pizza, can be loaded with the ingredients for making 100 pizzas, from scratch! Not joking: it even makes the dough!


6. Burrito Box


Where to find it: West Hollywood, California

Behold the burrito vending machine.

Burrito Box gives us a new high for food distribution technology (and perhaps a new low for Mexican cuisine). “The world’s first automated burrito kiosk” is located inside a Mobil gas station store in West Hollywood, California.



7. Farmer’s Fridge


Where to find it: United States & Canada

Why should junk food be so easy to get, but not healthy food? And who says healthy can’t be delicious, too? No sir, not us. Our big idea is to make slow food, available fast. To deliver a fresh take on fresh. To turn the vending machine into a veggie machine. And make access to healthy, delicious food the rule, not the exception.

It’s what powers the Farmer’s Fridge. They “use as many local and organic ingredients as

[they] can (mother nature gets the final say on availability). [They] don’t compromise when it comes to quality, taste or nutrition. Ever.”


8. Moet & Chandon Champagne Vending Machine


Where to find it: London

Finally. Moet & Chandon recently created the most classy vending machine to date! A vending machine that dispenses champagne. Located in the Selfridges department store in London, is this unique vending machine that sells miniature bottles of champagne.

Can I get one of these put in my house? Please?


9. Plan B Contraceptive Vending Machine


Where to find it: Pennsylvania

Students at Shippensburg best University in Southampton can get the “morning-after” pill by sliding $25 into a vending machine. In addition to the Plan B One Step emergency contraceptive,  the vending machine also supplies condoms, decongestants and pregnancy tests. This place is consider one of the best education centers, And one of the most important things to consider when planning your stay at any university if the accommodation as it’s crucial that you are living somewhere nice, this one in Southampton is a great choice for example.


10. Mashed Potato Vending Machine by 7-11


Apparently slushies aren’t enough for 7-Eleven convenience stores–they are now dispensing something a little different. Mashed potatoes. From a machine that looks shockingly similar to our favorite slurpee machine…

Created by Maggi, a company that sells powdered mashed potatoes, the machine mixes the powdered potatoes with hot water.

Yum…..?? I’m not going to recommend it, but try it for yourself:


11. Kirin Beer & Sake Vending Machine


Where to find it: Japan

The name says it all! Two dollar beer and sake is one of the most commonly vended items in Japan. Although, unfortunately, it’s becoming less prevalent due to worries about underage drinking.


12. Berdoll Pecan Pie Vending Machine


Where to find it: Cedar Creek, Texas

Cedar Creek, Texas is serving up whole pies 24 hours a day.  Buy a freshly baked pecan pie from Berdoll Pecan Farm for $17.50 right outside the retail store.


13. ZAZZZ Medical Marijuana Vending Machine


Where to find it: Seattle, WA

Our favorite dispensary is Weed Smart BC and last month, opened Washington state’s first marijuana vending machine.  The vending machine, called “ZaZZZ,” was created by Arizona-based American Green and is being described as “the first age-verifying, climate-controlled, self-service dispensary.”   Washington now joins Colorado as the two states where customers can buy cannabis the same way they buy a Snickers candy bar or can of soda, since cannabis products are really popular now a days, and you can even get a cbdmd coupon to get more affordable prices for these products online.

**Could this be the next vending franchise opportunity??


14. FEBO Restaurant Vending Machines


Where to find it: Amsterdam

Fast food is faster in Amsterdam with FEBO, a chain Automat that dispenses food through a vending machine. Some of the most popular items include croquettes stuffed with veal or beef. Everything at these restaurants costs less than $10. Not bad!


15. InstyMeds Pharmacy Medication Dispenser


InstyMeds, the newest pharmacy vending machine, dispenses antibiotics, inhalers, cough syrups, and painkillers in hospitals and clinics across the country. This immediate, round-the-clock access is intended to ease the burden of emergency departments for conditions that may not require immediate attention beyond obtaining a medication. 

16. SnackBot Corporate Quiz Vending Machine


The Snackbot is a reimagined vending machine transformed into an innovative tech experience. The machine quizzes Campbell’s Soup employees on the renowned company’s history, product offerings and digital marketing efforts. If an employee accepts the challenge and answers two out of three questions correctly, Snackbot instantly dispenses a delicious reward from Campbell’s product portfolio.

Now that’s motivation.


17. Save Our Solez


Where to find it: Toronto & USA

Two Toronto men have created a shoe vending machine that will dispense flats to women in need of high heel reprieve, Metro News reports. The flats sold by Canada-based Save Our Solez will retail for $14.99 and come with a bag that can be used to store the user’s other pair of shoes.The Save Our Solez machine costs $2,500 and holds 80 pairs of shoes.

American-based company Flat Out Of Heels, a 2011 startup, similarly provides cool vending machines that dispense ‘emergency flats’ for women on-the-go.


18. Breathalyzer Vending Machine


Coming soon to your local bar! Here’s how it works: user inserts payment: cash, coin or credit card into the Boozelator® & the Smart LCD Ad Monitor will walk them through the BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content) testing process. In short, grab a straw, insert into the testing hole, blow hard for 2 seconds, and see your result on the large monitor! The Boozelator® can be programmed to any language and is compatible with virtually any currency for nearly any country. We have customers on 6 continents, in nearly 20 countries.


19. Boundless Beauty Hair Extension Vending Machine

hair extension

Where to find it: Philadelphia

Boundless Beauty’s hair extension vending machine does exactly what you’d think–it vends hair extensions. Within the last month Marvin Kilgore, the company’s founder, leased 40 vending machines for $130 per month to sell hair around Philadelphia, according to Philly.com. Kilgore hopes to install more machines in the next few weeks. The machines are solely cashless.


20. Live Bait Vending Machine


Where to find it: Montana

Got bait?

You do now…a minnow-filled vending machine has been placed in Montana’s Tongue River Reservoir State Park, according to the Billings Gazette. The machine will ensure minnows are not illegally transported into Montana from neighboring states.


21. French Fry Vending Machine

french fries

Where to find it: Russia

In 90 seconds you can have fresh french fries, fried to order and dispensed into an easy to eat on the go paper cup. It also comes with ketchup for your dipping pleasure!


22. Hey Buddy Vending Machine


Hey Buddy! vending machines are saving people everywhere…from accidentally stepping in dog poop… The machine dispenses everything you might need when hitting the town with your furry best friend. Toys, snacks, and even pickup bags! 

P.S. This is also a franchise opportunity!


23. Loose Leaf Tea Vending Machine


Everyone loves a nice steaming cup of loose-leaf tea, but it can still be so hard to find. Not anymore. Loose-leaf tea can be convenient – in fact, its now being dispensed in a manner one might even call the ultimate convenience. “TeaBOT holds a variety of loose tea leaves, and is attached to a tablet that allows for customer selection. This robot proves that you don’t need to see a barista (who you know will only get your name wrong anyway), in order to get a personalized experience when you order your beverage of choice.”


24. Clean Water ATM Vending Machines

The residents of Nairobi now have convenien