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Trending Alert: Healthy Vending 3.0

A trendsetter is “a leader of the pack, someone who everyone else follows.”

As the world’s first healthy vending machine franchise, and also the world’s first nutritional distribution platform (to use healthy vending machines, healthy micro markets, and direct snack distribution programs) to bring healthier foods and drinks to people across the nation, it’s fair to say that HUMAN is the trendsetter of the convenient health food movement.

How have we consistently stayed number one? What are our plans for the future?

During a recent interview on The Kim Power Stilson Show, Sean Kelly tells it all from the beginning.

Where We Were: Vending 1.0 

It was the year 2003, a time when … the potato chip celebrated its 150th birthday and we learned to just keep swimming. That year, most vending machines still looked like these:

HUMAN Healthy Vending is better

And most had never imagined a vending machine might offer healthy options like these:

HUMAN Healthy Vending's Catalog of Nine Machines

An Idea That Changed The World: Vending 2.0

But it was also the year that one “crazy kid” got an idea that would change the world.

It all started with Sean Kelly. Here’s his story:

The Why: 2003

“I began to see the impact that proper nutrition and exercise could have on somebody. I mean emotionally, from a work performance perspective, from a relationship perspective, to self image, and to how they felt about themselves.”

“And that kicked me off on this journey of exploring how to make nutrition more convenient, how to bring it directly to people, and as they say, the rest is history.”

The Trend Setter

“It wasn’t easy. I think one of the jokes I say the most often is the only thing worse than missing the train is catching the one before it…It’s a lot easier to give people what they want than what they need.”

“The nice thing is that over the last decade plus, health awareness has been on a ramped trend upwards. People are starting to realize how important health is for all aspects of their life, and it’s getting a lot easier.”

The HUMAN Key To Success

“We’re not only adding healthy products, we’re completely changing the products out… Our goal is to look at a particular population, what their taste profile is, what their needs are, and then integrate products with the highest potential health and nutrition profile that they’ll actually consume and eat….You might have healthy stuff, but if people don’t eat it, it doesn’t matter.”

“We’ve figured out how to create healthy vending programs, how to create 100% healthy micro market programs that deliver just as high of sales, if not higher sales, than the unhealthy counterpart.”

The Healthy Vending Trend: Results

Across the country, schools, hospitals, gyms, and companies, including Tesla, Edmonds, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the Oprah Winfrey Network, are embracing the HUMAN Platform. The result: In 2014 alone, HUMAN impacted the lives of over 2 million people.

The Future: The Healthy Vending Trend 3.0

A lot’s happened at HUMAN in the last 12 years. We’ve made history repeatedly, and more importantly we’ve saved lives. And it really all started with one crazy idea, and it was made possible by a team that doesn’t just hope for change to come; we make it happen.

What’s next?

An Idea That Will Change The World Again?

“I want healthy food in every single business, school, and place of leisure in America and beyond. I just think that if you maximize access—if you put great tasting healthy foods directly in front of people, make it super easy, we’re going to completely change how our country eats, how we feel, and we’re going to get rid of so many of the existing health problems.”

Healthy Vending 3.0 is catching on fast! Edmunds.com just loves their Healthy Market!

Would you like to own a micro market at a company like Edmonds.com, Tesla, or Oprah Winfrey Network?

To learn more about owning a Healthy Vending Business download the Ultimate Guide here:


Jessica Conflitti
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