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If you’ve thought about starting a business, chances are you’ve contemplated on whether it’s better to buy a franchise or start your own independent business. We want to offer our guidance in a no-frills, straight-talk fashion.

picture of HUMAN Healthy Vending franchisees

HUMAN Healthy Vending and its extended family of franchisees

Buying a franchise is a big decision and a big investment, but it can offer a foundation that allows you the freedom and lifestyle of an entrepreneur without (most) of the headaches, risks and unknowns that being an independent business owner entails.

Here are the top 5 benefits we’ve found to starting a franchise rather than attempting a DIY business opportunity:

  1. Franchises are “turnkey” opportunities. Buying a franchise means that the foundation of your business has already been built by a team of experts. If you were starting out on your own, you would have to become an expert at financing, lease negotiation, finding a location, marketing, etc., just to begin the process of starting a business. When you buy a franchise, you get to spend your time and resources on really digging into the business rather than into the minutiae of launching a business.
  2. Franchises have proven business concepts. When you become a franchisee, you become part of a proven system designed so that your business succeeds. When you have a proven system in place, you don’t have to “learn the hard way.” Many small businesses fail within their first five years precisely because it’s high risk and expensive to fix a problematic business model when you’re already in business.
  3. Franchises have business-boosting brand recognition. When you become a franchisee, you align yourself with a brand that may already have recognition and consumer loyalty in the marketplace, which you can capitalize on to grow your own business. If you were to launch an independent business, you would have to start from scratch to build your brand, using time and innumerable resources, so that your business becomes recognizable to consumers. When you launch a franchise, however, you have rights to use the brand’s logo, messaging, press and other key business-indentifying characteristics to catapult your business. This means your business gains instant credibility, which yields real-world advantages, including a stronger position when applying for a business loan and ease in attracting new business.
  4. Franchises offer ongoing support. When you buy a franchise, you become a part of a family that offers support both from its headquarters as well as from its network of franchisees around the nation. When you’re a franchisee, you are never alone. If you start a solo business, you do not have a network of professionals to reach out to who have gone through (or are going through) the exact same thing as you. Franchisors have entire teams devoted to ensuring their franchisees are taken care of.
  5. Franchises offer ongoing professional development. Since a franchisor is truly invested in its franchisees – because they can’t succeed if their franchisees don’t succeed – they typically do everything they can to ensure their franchisees are continually growing and expanding their skill set. From classes taught by real-world entrepreneurs on how to scale your business to insight on accounting software, franchisors offer countless high-value resources to their franchisees.

If you’ve been considering a HUMAN Healthy Vending franchise, what’s stopping you from learning more?

HUMAN Healthy Vending was built by social entrepreneurs who have a passion for developing entrepreneurs around the world via their franchise system. Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mother Nature Network, CNN Money, CNBC, and other reputable 3rd parties, have recognized HUMAN Healthy Vending for its entrepreneurial leadership and successful business model.

To learn more about HUMAN or about becoming a HUMAN Healthy Vending franchisee, please click here.

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