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10 Reasons to Choose HUMAN As Your Healthy Vending Franchise

Entrepreneur Magazine recently ranked HUMAN as the #1 Fastest-Growing Vending Franchise and we know that it’s the following ten differentiating factors that have made us a top choice for those looking at healthy vending franchises.

1.  HUMAN Can Cost LessHealthy Vending Franchise - HUMAN

Consider that our “Versatile” machine costs $5,500.00, while our competitors sell a very similar vending machine for close to $8,000.00. And, as you grow and scale your business, the cost difference in your favor continues to grow. This is comparing apples to apples. But when you consider our platform as a whole, there is no other vending franchise that can be a true comparison.

2.  HUMAN is More than a “Vending” Franchise Opportunity

HUMAN is a healthy foods distribution platform with multiple technologies and distribution channels offering numerous revenue streams for our franchisees—including our nine state-of-the-art healthy vending machines with the flagship HUMAN Touch, industry-first healthy micro-markets, and our healthy snack delivery. You can be assured that HUMAN does not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all vending franchise business model. We will never place a vending machine or micro market in a location where we believe our franchisees will not be successful. Instead, we analyze your locations and work with you to offer the best mix of services for your community.  To get an idea how we do this check out our Complete Guide on How to Start a Vending Machine Business.


Healthy Vending Machines Franchise - HUMAN's vending machine catalog

 3.  HUMAN Breaks Ground In $7B Retail Channel

Corporations and hotels are demanding a new service: healthy micro markets, which are unattended Whole-Foods-like convenience stores without the glass barrier preventing consumers from touching and learning more about a product. In micro markets, a customer purchases their products from a self-check-out kiosk. According to, self-service digital malls, or “micro-markets,” are a $7 billion retail channel. The average sales per micro market are $51,416, which is 10x the average revenue of a vending machine, so there is a lot of opportunity in this sector and we are proud to be paving the way for our franchisees. We currently have healthy markets in Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Honolulu, HI, Chicago, IL, and Concord, NH, with many more markets slated to launch in the next few months.

Healthy Micro Markets by HUMAN

4.  HUMAN Launches Industry’s First Direct-to-Office Snack Delivery Service

An additional passive income stream for franchisees, SnackNation is a wellness solution and low-cost, premium perk for companies of all sizes that are looking to provide a healthy food service option that requires little oversight, has a product selection that revolves every month, and can be subsidized by either the employer or the employees. Companies who become SnackNation members enjoy the best-tasting, healthy snacks delivered directly to their offices each month. What’s the added benefit for Franchisees with SnackNation over traditional vending? Smaller offices that once were once unfavorable for vending machine owners due to low traffic have a perfect solution, and businesses get to provide their employees with an unbeatable perk.  There is no longer a case where HUMAN cannot service a location—HUMAN now has a technology or service for every business, whether it’s a healthy vending machine, healthy market or healthy snack delivery.

Healthy snack delivery box by SnackNation

 5.  HUMAN Launches Revolutionary, Interactive “HUMAN Touch” Machine

“The HUMAN Touch,” HUMAN’s new 46” healthy vending touch screen machine features futuristic technology allowing the user to customize his/her experience and the owner of the vending machine to collect data in real time.

The HUMAN Touch interface allows consumers to instantly gain valuable information on the products in the healthy vending machine, including 3-D photos, nutrition facts, ingredients, and allergen information. With its display, the HUMAN Touch meets all federal and state calorie display requirements, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s calorie disclosure rules.

HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise - Touch Screen Machine6.  HUMAN is a Franchise, Not a Business Opportunity

We know that we cannot succeed if our franchisees do not succeed, so we are fully invested in them, have proven systems in place to help them thrive, and are bound by stringent franchise law to be transparent in disclosing how our business operates. This is not the case with business opportunities that operate by more lax rules and do not offer vetted branding, systems and ongoing support and coaching. While a business opportunity is designed to make a deal and then wash its hands from the purchaser, our franchise system is like marrying into a loving family. HUMAN offers support for your vending franchise throughout the life of your business – from landing your first location contract to ongoing technical support to advanced coaching programs years down the road. Also, unlike other vending franchises, we will not go after low-quality locations just to get you through the sales process faster. Your best interest and the long-term success of your business is always at the top of our priority list.

HUMAN Healthy Vending Machine franchisees

HUMAN Healthy Vending and its extended family of franchisees

7.  Product Portal and Supply Chain Make “Ongoing Fees” Irrelevant

As a HUMAN franchisee, you get the purchasing power that comes from the HUMAN network of 200+ franchisees and preferred product partners, yielding you up to 50% off of wholesale prices. These discounts easily wipe out any fees that you get charged as part of the franchise. Would you pay a 2-5% franchise royalty to get 10%+ ongoing discounts on some of the most popular vending machine snacks and beverages?

HUMAN Healthy Vending Products portal

8.  HUMAN Has a Franchise Fee

It may be counterintuitive to think that paying a franchise fee is actually a benefit to you, but it is and here’s why. The HUMAN franchise fee includes required elements that ensure you have the highest chance for success. Our franchise fee includes your initial training at our headquarters (“HB3”), our in-house vending machine location procurement with 5 guaranteed locations, our exclusive “Shock & Awe” marketing system, our advanced coaching program and lifetime mastermind, and brand, licensing, IP, and marketing systems.  HUMAN has the best package of technologies, training, and services in the vending machine industry, and that helps our franchisees achieve success in the field. No other vending franchise can claim the same level of service and commitment to its franchisees as HUMAN.Top Ranked Vending Franchise Opportunity

 9.  HUMAN Gives Back

As a cause driven company, HUMAN donates 10% of company profits to improve childhood nutrition via its charity arm, HUMAN Everywhere. The Young Entrepreneur’s Program, the flagship program of HUMAN Everywhere, donates healthy vending machines to schools in underserved communities and teaches a group of students how to be social entrepreneurs and masters of nutrition. We are not just a vending franchise opportunity; we are a culture of social entrepreneurs who are transforming the way the nation snacks.

Animo Leadership Academy Students Stand Next to a HUMAN Healthy Vending Machine

10. HUMAN has Social Proof

Don’t just take our word for it: here are a few of our most recent accolades:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine ranked HUMAN as the fastest-growing company in the vending category and #51 overall
[click here for the full list]
  • Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked HUMAN as the number one vending franchise and #281 overall in its 35th annual Franchise 500® list, the world’s most comprehensive franchise ranking
  • Inc Magazine ranked HUMAN as the No. 1 vending and automated retail company, No. 5 among food and beverage companies, No. 33 in California, No. 13 in the Los Angeles Metro Area and No. 168 overall on its 32nd annual “Inc. 500|5000,” an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.
  • Los Angeles Business Journal ranked HUMAN as the 7th fastest-growing company in all of Los Angeles.
  • HUMAN's rankings on Inc500, Franchise 500 & Forbes

    What is most important to you when choosing whether to launch a business or go with a franchise? What new HUMAN technologies and services are you most excited about?

    To find out how you can join HUMAN franchisees in the fight to create easy nutrition everywhere, download:

    The Ultimate Insider’s Guide To Launching & Growing A Healthy Automated Retail Business.”


    The HUMAN Healthy Platform Handbook

    If you’d like a HUMAN healthy vending machine, snack delivery service or micro-market at your school, gym, hospital or office location, please contact us HERE.

    We’d love to get to know you and answer all of your questions.

    © HUMAN Healthy Vending,, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to HUMAN Healthy Vending with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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