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One local company is rebelling against junk-food and the midday energy slump employees typically face in most office settings. Tiny Rebellion, an award-winning advertising agency based in Santa Monica, CA, has added SnackNation’s healthy office snack delivery service to its roster of office perks.

Click below to watch the inside scoop on why this busy agency made subscribing to an office snack delivery service a priority:

To recap, here are the top four reasons Tiny Rebellion’s office manager is a proud member of SnackNation:

  1. SnackNation boosts employee morale.
    [My colleagues] work very hard and it’s something very simple, but it brings joy”
  2. SnackNation sparks a transition to healthful food choices. “We made the transition [but] no one has to eat them. But we provide it, they try it and they like it. It’s about initializing the change.”
  3. SnackNation boosts B2B relationships. “One of our clients came in and was amazed and delighted by the snacks that we were providing and they asked where we got the snacks and we told them we got them from SnackNation.”
  4. It saves time & hassle. “It saves me time; I don’t have to go on Amazon and find the correct snacks. Also, it helps me have less stress.”

If you would like to learn about the HUMAN franchise and the SnackNation business opportunity, download our guide here:

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For information on having SnackNation, a healthy micro market or a healthy vending machine at your location, please click here.

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