02.06.2013 HUMAN Healthy Vending Ranked on Forbes’ “America’s Most Promising Companies” List for 2nd Consecutive Year
HUMAN Healthy Vending is proud to announce that it has made the top 50 in Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies list for the second consecutive year.

02.05.2013 USDA Aligns with HUMAN Healthy Vending, Launches New Guidelines for Snacks in Schools
HUMAN Healthy Vending is proud to see that the USDA has released its long-awaited proposal to improve competitive foods sold in schools. HUMAN Healthy Vending will be working with schools across the nation to comply with these guidelines in advance of their implementation.

02.04.2013 H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending CEO: ‘In 5-10 years, healthy vending will be the norm’
Can schools and offices make money selling healthy food – instead of soda, candy and chips – from vending machines?

01.10.2013 HUMAN Healthy Vending Inks Deal With YMCA of The USA To Provide Healthier Snacks
HUMAN Healthy Vending announces that it is now the YMCA of the USA’s preferred vending partner.

01.09.2013 HUMAN Healthy Vending First in Industry to Gain B Corporation Certification
To further strengthen its commitment to social and environmental stewardship, HUMAN Healthy Vending is proud to announce it has become a Certified B Corporation – the first vending company to ever do this. B Corps use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

12.20.2012 Forbes Magazine Names Sean Kelly, CEO of HUMAN Healthy Vending, in 30 Under 30 Ranking
Forbes magazine has ranked Sean Kelly, CEO and co-founder of HUMAN Healthy Vending, as one of the nation’s brightest stars under the age of 30. The only honoree from the vending industry to make the list, Kelly is featured in the Food and Wine category for his work to improve the nation’s access to healthful foods and drinks via HUMAN Healthy Vending’s renowned healthy vending franchises.

11.10.2012 New Franchise for Military Veterans Tackles America’s Obesity Crisis
Military veterans across the nation are becoming health and nutrition activists by starting a veteran-owned franchise with HUMAN Healthy Vending – the nation’s leading franchisor of socially-responsible healthy vending machine businesses.

09.26.2012 Revolutionary Trend Hits Miami: Farm Fresh, Real Food in HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines
Mario Murillo, a Miami-based health activist, is transforming his community by filling the gap between the real food movement and the vending industry. Murillo is setting the trend for the newest venture in real food activism: farm-to-vending.

09.13.2012 HUMAN Healthy Vending Hosts Inaugural “Social Good Mixer,” Becomes LA’s Hub for Social Entrepreneurs
HUMAN Healthy Vending throws inaugural “Social Good Mixer” and unites Los Angeles’ social entrepreneurs, health activists, bloggers, media and healthy vending franchisees from across the nation.

09.11.2012 HUMAN Healthy Vending Giving Away $2 Million to Schools & Businesses That Remove Junk Food Vending Machines
Seeking to make healthy food more convenient than junk food, HUMAN (or HealthyVending.com) also guarantees locations higher annual revenue commissions.

08.23.2012 Healthy Vending & Removal of Junk Food in Schools Linked to Healthy Weight in Children
A recent study finds that students in schools with stronger junk food restrictions are more likely to be at healthier body weights. HUMAN Healthy Vending is working with schools across the nation to ensure competitive foods sold are 100% healthful.

08.02.2012 SoCal’s Coolest Office? HUMAN Healthy Vending Builds Entrepreneurial Dream World
HUMAN Healthy Vending has moved to a 9,000 sq ft., one-of-a-kind, creative office space in Culver City. Co-founders Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen are transforming the new space into a hub for social entrepreneurship, nutrition activism and entrepreneurial development.

07.27.2012 Farm-to-Vending Machines? HUMAN Healthy Vending Embraces Local & Farm-Fresh Products
HUMAN Healthy Vending — the leading socially-responsible franchisor of healthy vending machine businesses — is filling the gap between the local food movement and vending industry by sourcing local products, even farm-fresh produce, when available.

07.24.2012 Human Healthy Vending Tackles Joblessness, Teaches Entrepreneurship
HUMAN Healthy Vending (http://www.healthyvending.com), the leading socially-responsible franchisor of healthy vending machine businesses, teaches entrepreneurship in a 3-day intensive and interactive seminar called the HUMAN Business-Building Bootcamp, or “HB3” for short.

07.10.2012 First Healthy & Kosher Vending Machines to Launch at Zimmer Children’s Museum
The Zimmer Children’s Museum in Los Angeles will soon feature a new sensory experience: HUMAN Healthy Vending machines featuring healthy and kosher foods and drinks.

06.28.2012 Switch to Healthy Vending Machines Doubles School’s Revenues
Tomball High School in Tomball, TX has doubled its vending machine commissions and slashed energy costs by incorporating HUMAN Healthy Vending as the exclusive vending machine provider at its school.

12.23.2011 Las Vegas Residents’ Campaign to Bring Healthy Foods to Homeless Students in Food Deserts Goes Viral
Ward Peterson, CEO of Trio Healthy Vending, which places HUMAN Healthy Vending machines throughout the Las Vegas community, and Project 150 – a charitable organization started to aid the 150 homeless students attending Rancho High School – have joined together to bring healthy food and basic necessities to homeless students in Clark County. The campaign started with a few Facebook posts and went viral. After a week, Project 150 received an estimated total of $10,000 in donations, including generous donations from healthy-food companies such as Clif Bar, Mix 1, That’s It Fruit Bars and WAT-AAH.

12.12.2011 World’s First “Healthy Hot Food Vending Machine” Brings Healthy Meals to Obesity-Stricken Food Deserts
HUMAN Healthy Vending launches world’s first line of vending machines to vend healthful hot foods, cold drinks and snacks simultaneously from the same machine. These innovative machines will make convenient access to nutritious foods including entire entrees, a reality for busy workers and residents in communities with limited access to healthy foods. HUMAN Healthy Vending’s co-founders are on a mission to ensure that people have access to healthy foods everywhere, particularly in food deserts.

12.08.2011 Social Entrepreneur Launches Innovative Health Campaign throughout Monmouth County
Brick Fitness for Women, Brick Township High Schools, Hillel Yeshiva School, Knollwood School, Ranney School, and Wall Township High School have signed with Epstein to provide their students and patrons with this healthful alternative.

12.01.2011 Forbes Honors HUMAN Healthy Vending as One of ‘America’s Most Promising Companies’
HUMAN Healthy Vending, the world’s fastest-growing healthy vending company and the only health activist company that distributes high-tech and eco-friendly vending machines that vend nutritious foods while educating consumers on nutrition at the point of sale, announced today that it made Forbes’ prestigious list of “America’s Most Promising Companies.” HUMAN ranked 37th on the list, which features 100 privately held emerging companies with compelling business models, strong management teams, notable customers, strategic partners and precious investment capital.

11.21.2011 Pasadena Social Entrepreneurs Launch Healthy Vending Business to Tackle LA County Obesity Crisis
The LA Music Academy, Ramona Convent Secondary School (Alhambra), Petrol Advertising (Burbank), and the Pasadena Health Department have recently partnered with Grant and Sanchez to offer their students and employees HUMAN’s healthful alternatives.

11.07.2011 Saint Andrew’s School in Boca Raton Offers Healthy Vending Options to Tackle Childhood Obesity
Saint Andrew’s School in Boca Raton has recently partnered with Live & Bee Healthy to offer its students HUMAN’s healthful alternatives.

10.11.2011 Denver Entrepreneur Fights Colorado Obesity Crisis With Healthy Vending Machines
The Cherry Creek School District, Littleton School District, Mapleton School District, Exempla Lutheran Medical Center and Miller International have recently partnered with Stern to offer their students and patrons HUMAN’s healthful alternatives.

09.27.2011 Social Entrepreneur Launches Healthy Vending Business in San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan resident and social entrepreneur Angel Cintron is partnering with HUMAN Healthy Vending to bring innovative healthy vending machines to San Juan’s schools, community centers, hospitals and corporate buildings.

09.27.2011 Social Entrepreneur Launches Healthy Vending Business to Tackle York County’s Obesity Trouble
Entrepreneur Travis Miller has recently partnered with HUMAN to make access to healthful foods and health education a reality in schools, community centers, hospitals and corporate buildings in York County, PA, which happens to be ranked as one of America’s most unhealthy counties.

09.27.2011 HUMAN Healthy Vending Announces Record National and International Expansion
Across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, social entrepreneurs are joining forces with HUMAN Healthy Vending to combat obesity and provide their communities with HUMAN’s full-service, high-tech and eco-friendly vending machines.

09.20.2011 New York’s Social Entrepreneurs Launch Healthy Vending Businesses to Combat Obesity
Across New York, social entrepreneurs are joining forces with HUMAN Healthy Vending to combat obesity by providing their communities with HUMAN’s high-tech and eco-friendly vending machines that only vend healthful foods and drinks.

08.26.2011 Upstate Healthy Living to Launch HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines in Greenville, South Carolina
Upstate Healthy Living, a HUMAN Healthy Vending partner, will soon launch Greenville’s first-ever healthy vending program in local health clubs, schools, and businesses.