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From office snack delivery to paid time off to volunteer to ping pong tables and badminton courts, perks are becoming commonplace not just amongst top employers like Facebook and Google, but also amongst start-ups.

After interviewing several companies, we found that food-related perks were the most common. Since launching our own snack delivery service for homes and businesses, we’ve seen how many companies and people benefit from the convenience and ease of having healthy snacks delivered monthly. blog on office snack delivery & other millennial perks
Click above to read our article on some of the most unique office perks!

The Rise of a Snacking Nation

Snacking is on the rise. Fueled by erratic work schedules, longer work hours and millennial culture, more people are snacking more than they were last year. But they’re also being smarter about it…

Here are the facts:

  • Market research firm IRI found that 49 percent of the population has one to two snacks a day while 43 percent have three to four, and 60 percent of consumers snack for enjoyment. Whether it is to satisfy hunger, boost energy, out of boredom, or in a social setting, Americans consume almost 25 percent of their daily calories from snacking, and most of these foods consist of empty calories
  • The Lempert Report’s quick poll found that 31% of people are snacking more this year than they did last year and are choosing nuts and fruit most often, followed by chips, crackers, cheese, cookies, yogurt, candy, vegetables, and bars.
  • From the summary of the Lempert poll: “Looking at the association between daily snacking frequency and the Healthy Eating Index, researchers from the NPD Group recently found that as snacking increased, so did individuals’ overall diet quality. As a result, healthy options for consumers are on the rise with nearly sixty percent of all snack foods now positioned as better for you, according to Innova Market Insights.”
  • Food Business News reports that nuts and seeds accounted for more than 37% of global snack foods launches in 2013, according to the market research firm Innova Market Insights. Nuts’ share within the snack category has grown from just over 32% five years ago to 36% in the most recent 12-month period.
  • Food Business News also reports: “Health has been a driver in the market. Interest in the health attributes of nuts resulted in one-third of global launches in 2013 being positioned on a health platform of some kind, rising to over 60% in the United States. Natural was also an area of interest and led in terms of claims. Nut launches marketed as one or more of organic, natural or additive-, preservative-free featuring in nearly 19% of total launches, while fiber, protein and low sodium claims were also popular, used on approximately 6%, over 4% and just under 3% of launches, respectively.”

Top 5 Priorities When Choosing Snacks

According to the Lempert Report, the following were the five priorities when choosing snacks:

  1. Healthfulness
  2. Quick and easy
  3. Emotional satisfaction
  4. Calories
  5. Something filling

What are your top priorities when choosing snacks? When it comes to office food perks – would you like snack delivery or would you prefer something else? Let us know in the comments!

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