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So what exactly is a “local celebrity”? A local celebrity is a well-known person in a local community who is known for their local knowledge, expertise and contagious personality.

Now why in the world should YOU want to be a “local celeb”? Consumers these days want more than just a standard vending service, although that is an essential part of the criteria, it’s not enough. You might be an expert at vending and ‘sales’ might be your middle name but being a “local celebrity” who is well-known for these things is the key to your future success.

Check out these 5 tips on How to Become a Local Celebrity… And Why You’d Want to


1. Know your target market and have them feel comfortable with you
Sharing your “story” with the community is extremely important as people want to identify with you. Maybe you accomplished something they are trying to and you are their inspiration. Tell them about it. Don’ t be shy. If you had a life changing experience, WRITE ABOUT IT. If you have an inspiring story as to why you joined Human, TALK ABOUT IT. If you just overcame a serious illness and found ways to overcome it by changing your diet, SHARE IT! If you were in debt and now you’re a big BALLER, tell ’em how you got there! FIND THEIR PROBLEM AND HELP THEM SOLVE IT! We love information– heck you’ re getting some right now aren’t ya?

2. Do Something that Counts

Being a social entrepreneur is amazing in itself, but what are you doing for your community that makes people remember you? Host educational and snacking events, help raise money for a local charity, speak on health related topics that will uplift those in your area and motivate change in your community. Attend networking events, hand out business cards and make sure to take advantage of photo ops. There’s no room for fear!

3. Continue to Build Up Your Fan Base
Get your story or snacking event on local cable, TV or Newspaper! Start by researching contacts in your area. Collect contact info like it’s nobodies business. Every event that you have or attend, you should be collecting names, e-mails, and mailing addresses. Don’t walk away missing out on potentially new clients, customers, followers, fans, etc.

4. Get out the house and work that room baby!
Get known for being the professional and wonderful person that you are. Learn how to find interesting networking events online. Go where your target market is, not necessarily where your peers are. One great resource for local events is It’s a hard fact that even if someone is really interested in you, they will rarely call you back. You must keep on top of your contacts and constantly develop new ones, focusing on those that will help you get to where you want to go. The most important advice is to be kind to everyone on your way up, from the receptionists to the doormen to the assistants, because you never know who you’ll meet on the way down!

5. Have Authentic Personal Style

Becoming a local celebrity is a lot easier than you may think! Having “star” quality is more a matter of over-all impression than actual looks so having a knockout first impression is key. What message are you sending? Before you even open your mouth, you need to have a positive and memorable impact on people. Having authentic personal style can give you the clout to open doors to places that would otherwise remain locked or take years to enter. It’s amazing how charm, grace, and confidence can get you to the front of the line. You don’t have to be rich or wear expensive clothes, in fact a HUMAN Tee will do just fine! It’s all in how you work it! That’s star quality.

Now that I’ve shared this knowledge with you its time to get out there, do your research, know your business and become the trusted friend and adviser (aka “local celeb”) in your local community.  This might just be the missing link to finding your success!


A great example of a HUMAN partner that is rapidly climbing the ladder to becoming a local celeb is Ruben Ayala out of San Antonio, Texas. By being actively social and making himself visible in the community he has had major success very early on in his business. CLICK HERE to see photos & updates from his local community appearances.


Way to go Ruben!

Amy Coplen
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