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In 2013, HUMAN Healthy Vending has worked with countless corporations across the nation to provide healthy vending machines and micro-markets.

Click this video to learn more about HUMAN’s healthy markets.

Dan Schwabel’s recent article on provides several reasons why 2014 promises to be an even better year for our industry. Here are the two most important factors that will affect healthy food distribution.

More Companies Launching Wellness Programs

With the Affordable Care Act coming into effect, employers are putting more focus on preventative care, and one of the predominant ways to improve employee health is through wellness policies. Dan writes, “Companies know they can save a lot of money and be more productive and effective with a healthier workforce. Professionals who are healthier are happier in their jobs too.”

In cooperation with national wellness policies, HUMAN Healthy Vending is currently launching several “healthy markets,” AKA micro-markets, which are Whole-Foods-like markets integrated seamlessly into an office space with a self-check-out kiosk. HUMAN is launching a healthy market at American Savings Bank in Honolulu, HI and a healthy vending machine program at Independence Bank in McKinney, TX in the coming month as a result of their corporate wellness initiatives.

Demographic Shift in the Workplace

Dan also writes, “18% of boomers will retire within five years and 68% of HR professionals say that boomers retiring will have a major impact on the workforce. Next year, millennials

[that is, the generation born after 1980] will account for 36% of the American workforce.”

What does this mean for the healthy vending industry? According to the book Generation Me, millennials are incredibly conscious not only of what they eat, but also of how it affects their health and the environment at large. According to Nadira Saleh, writer for PolicyMic: “Millennials are more conscious than ever of how food affects their health. The obesity and diabetes epidemics have cast food in a negative spotlight and millennials have demanded healthier choices. The ‘skinny’ lattes at Starbucks are just the beginning.” With a more health-conscious workforce, more employers will be looking to partner with HUMAN Healthy Vending franchisees in order to provide healthy options to their employees.

The market is ripe for local HUMAN franchisee expansion with 2014 bringing even more opportunities than 2013 for healthy foods distribution platforms.

Would you like to learn more about how you can be a social entrepreneur within the HUMAN franchise? Please click here. We’d love to get to know you and answer all of your questions.

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