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Below, we count down the top 5 statistics that prove HUMAN left a big impression on 2013.

These data points also indicate that in 2013 HUMAN took huge strides towards achieving its mission to create “easy nutrition everywhere.”


5) 2,897

The number of snacks sold in 2013 via HUMAN’s newest healthy snack distribution platform, micro markets

After launching the first HUMAN Healthy Market in August of 2013, HUMAN continued to pursue office locations who could benefit from having healthy on-site food options through these un-staffed, self-checkout convenience stores. By year’s end, three HUMAN Healthy Markets were launched in corporate settings throughout Southern California with several more markets preparing to launch in early 2014, including markets in Honolulu, HI and Concord, NH. HUMAN Healthy Markets offer another avenue through which healthy foods are becoming more convenient than junk foods.


4) 51

The number of new HUMAN franchises across the US, Puerto Rico and Canada added in 2013

HUMAN had 51 new franchises launched in 2013. Each franchise starts with at least five healthy vending machines, meaning that in 2013 HUMAN franchisees were able to offer healthy eating to no less than an additional 255 locations and thousands of HUMAN Healthy Vending patrons. Increasing the ability to serve healthy options to more people represents another bold step toward creating easy nutrition everywhere.


3) 2

The number of schools enrolled in HUMAN’s Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP)

HUMAN’s charitable arm, HUMAN Everywhere, sponsors the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) whose mission is to empower youth to learn the ropes of social entrepreneurship by owning and operating their own eco-friendly healthy vending business in the comfort of their school and with the support of their peers, school staff and HUMAN Healthy Vending. After launching at Animo Leadership Charter High School in Lennox, CA during the 2012-2013 school year, HUMAN expanded YEP to a second school, Animo Inglewood Charter High School in Inglewood, CA, during 2013. These two schools now run healthy vending programs that return revenue to the schools while teaching entrepreneurship to the students who run the healthy vending business and healthful eating habits to the entire student population.


2) 282

The number of new school locations serviced by HUMAN Healthy Vending in 2013

The USDA released its interim final “Smart Snacks In School” rules, the first update to the nutritional guidelines governing what can be sold in vending machines in 30 years. In line with this release, HUMAN franchisees helped another 282 schools take a major step toward complying with the new rules in advance of the July 1st, 2014 deadline. These schools can now boast that they’re supplying the nation’s youth with healthy food options to fuel their minds in learning environments and helping to create “easy nutrition everywhere.”


1) 29 million

The minimum number of snacks sold to students via HUMAN Healthy Vending programs in schools in 2013

In servicing an additional 282 school locations throughout North America during 2013, HUMAN rounded out the year with nearly 500 HUMAN Healthy Vending machines in schools which provided over 29 million healthy snacks to students. By increasing access to healthy foods at an early age, HUMAN pushed forward in the fight to improve childhood nutrition and made additional progress toward creating easy access to convenient, healthy foods for everyone.

With numbers like these, it’s easy to see the profound impression HUMAN left on nutrition in 2013. Over the coming year, HUMAN will continue to push toward a world where healthy foods are more convenient than junk foods and people have access to nutritious options everywhere.

To learn more about HUMAN and how you can help create easy nutrition everywhere, download

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide To Launching & Growing A Healthy Automated Retail Business.”

If you’d like HUMAN to help your location offer healthy snacks to your employees, patrons, or students, please submit your location’s information HERE.

We’d love to get to know you and answer all of your questions.

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