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If you’re wondering how we sold 5,000,000 healthy snacks last year, keep reading. In the meantime, I have some questions for you to answer…

Have you ever chosen junk food over healthy food?

Do you worry about about what your kids eat at school? At soccer practice? Or debate club?

Does it feel impossible to stick to your diet at the office?

Now, imagine a world where healthy food was the only convenient choice…what if you could make this a reality in your community, for your friends, family, and children?

To discover the answer to how our franchisees sold 5,000,000 healthy snacks in 2014—we need to talk more about choice.

Societal Impact

As stated in a previous post–on the last day of 2014 articles that discussed “easy dieting” were shared via social media over 23,000 times, those involving “quick healthy recipes” were shared a whopping 37,000 times, and a single BuzzFeed article about clean eating was shared over 10,000 times…in 24 hours.

It’s pretty clear that a large number of people want to be healthier, but this doesn’t change the fact that 70% Americans are still overweight. This means that there are potentially 220 million people nationwide that want to eat “better,” but they struggle to do so because they lack convenient access to health food. Right?

Is it a choice to eat junk food when healthy food isn’t available? Couldn’t we also choose to seek out healthy options?

SHAPE Magazine recently published an article on the subject, explaining a new study about the relationship between snacking and self-control. The study found that taste and nutrition are the most prominent factors that determine what we eat, with taste factoring in more quickly than nutrition. Moreover, “those who typically opt for healthier meals were able to override indulgent impulses quicker, even after fasting for four hours prior to the experiment. Less health-conscious participants, on the other hand, had to exert more self-control to tear themselves away from tasty, bad-for-you foods.”

The HUMAN Experiment: Eliminating Choice

When Sean and Andy founded H.U.M.A.N., they came to a similar conclusion. They initially placed their healthy products alongside unhealthy foods and drinks, hoping to provide healthier snack alternatives to local schools, gyms, and businesses.

What happened?

Customers still purchased the junk food with which they were familiar. So Andy and Sean decided to try something different — place ONLY healthy products in H.U.M.A.N. branded machines, away from other unhealthy products and machines. Sales skyrocketed. Provided with only healthy options, people not only purchased the new products, they didn’t miss the junk! Today, HUMAN’s healthy machines generate twice the revenue of “traditional” vending machines.

All of this goes without saying that choice is indeed important. HUMAN offers a large variety of healthy foods — enabling people to choose among the healthy snacks they love, since a good nutrition is important, and that’s why the use of supplements as cardarine could really help even more if you practice sports and want to perform better. And that added up to more than 5,000,000 healthier choices last year.

Would you like to eliminate choice within your community?

 Learn more about the HUMAN Franchise Opportunity by downloading the HUMAN Handbook here:

HUMAN Platform

 P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s post, 5 Productivity Tips That Will Blow Your Mind!

Jessica Conflitti
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