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Is enjoying your life the key to a successful career or business? Is it possible that mere happiness is the ultimate key to success?

Sean Kelly, HUMAN’s Co-Founder, is a major believer. He explains that we must change our conceptions of success—moreover, we must stop “living for the weekend.”

The problem is that we’re taught to think of the literal definition of success— “the accomplishment of a goal or purpose.” Along these lines, the person who works the hardest for the longest amount of time will more likely win the title of most successful.

Makes sense, right?

I thought so too…but my perspective has changed since I joined the HUMAN family a year ago.

Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen (HUMAN Healthy Vending Co-Founders, pictured above) run HUMAN with an unparalleled amount of passion. This has made all the difference, because Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition requires more than just work ethic — the success of their business (and most businesses) is also contingent upon purpose and excitement to crush every challenge with yes

Was happiness the key player in the tremendous six year transformation from HUMAN Healthy Vending  into today’s HUMAN Platform? Where does happiness really factor into success?  If it’s this easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Within our largely success-driven society, many inaccurately define happiness as a natural follow-up to success. Adhering to this mindset for a moment, an individual will attain happiness once he or she becomes successful…it’s this misconception that may very well be hindering us from seeking out the lives we want.

As the first point of contact for all HUMAN inquiries, I can personally attest that many of the thousands of people who visit each week want to learn more about owning a Healthy Vending (or Healthy Market) Franchise because they see a chance to be happy…by taking back the reigns on their lives.

Sean Kelly will be the first to tell you that, at our core, we all really just want to be happy. Unfortunately, we live in a world where stability overpowers desire for personal and financial autonomy, responsibility takes precedence over our hopes and dreams, and happiness takes a back seat to every other priority in our lives.

If happiness is our primary life goal, the former understanding of success must be flipped. We cannot be successful until we’re happy.

So how do we find happiness?

We could take a cue from Sean and Andy, and start a HUMAN Vending/ Healthy Market Franchise! 🙂

For now, read Sean Kelly’s 5 Tips, as published by Entrepreneur Magazine:

  1. Have a ‘plan jam’ every evening (Make a to-do list to increase efficiency at work, and leave more time for other activities.)
  2. Socialize and nurture relationships daily (Make time for family and friends.)
  3. Don’t wait, expand your horizons tonight (Find a hobby!)
  4. Read and journal (Rid your body of anxiety and make room for creativity, check out the post right here for more info!)
  5. Rest up (You need at least 7.5 hours a sleep per night to be your best self.)

For more information on how you can enjoy your life everyday (and improve your chances of success) by owning a HUMAN Franchise…CLICK HERE.

**Click Here Read Sean Kelly’s full article in Entrepreneur Magazine**

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Jessica Conflitti
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