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With the end of the year steadily approaching, have you begun to contemplate your personal, business-related, and health-focused goals? Most likely you have given some thought to these changes and have given yourself an anticipated start date of January 1st.

However, this approach may be hindering your progress. According to statistics, by June approximately 40% of “resolutionists” are still sticking to their resolutions.

But there is good news!

By the end of January, 64% are still adamant about meeting their goals! As healthy eating comprises a great portion of resolutions, and HUMAN Healthy Vending aims to promote health, we have gathered some advice from our staff to help you remain among this 64%.

As you formulate your New Year’s resolutions, consider why some goals fail and why some stick. The ones that stick are the ones where implementation starts NOW.

Here are five ways for you to keep your health-focused New Year’s resolutions year-round.

  1. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEW YEAR. Choosing to eat healthier requires changing your mindset. If you get to work changing how you view healthy eating now, you can ease yourself into the change before the New Year and lessen your chances of early discouragement.
  2. WEIGH YOUR DECISIONS. As you enter the holiday season with this goal, start measuring the healthiness of your options and know what items of those available are the lesser of two evils. This will better train your body to proactively search for healthy options among the variety of junk food available, and you can still indulge, minus the guilt, as you embark on your healthy journey.
  3. ENJOY YOUR MEALS. When people change their diets, they have a tendency to focus on everything that they are not eating rather than enjoying what they are. Love what you eat, and eat what you love. Don’t view healthy eating as a chore. Instead view it as an enjoyable and new experience. Try a new recipe. Break bread with good friends. Otherwise, eating will become a miserable task and your journey will end before it has begun.
  4. EAT THROUGHOUT THE DAY. When you eat smaller, healthier meals throughout the day, your body won’t experience sudden cravings. Remember this tidbit of information prior to outings if you know that you will be around foods that you do not want in your body. Eating small meals prior to parties is the best way to curb overindulgence due to hunger.
  5. PROVIDE MEASURABLE GOALS. Do not view your resolution as an “end-goal,” but as a the pursuit of a new lifestyle, one that is ongoing and continuous. It is difficult to measure the success of the goal “eat healthy.” Instead, in pursuit of eating healthier, assign yourself measurable, smaller tasks such as “I will eat two new vegetables today” or “I will incorporate protein into my diet daily” to better gauge your progress.

We hope these tips provide some motivation! Do you have tips that have worked for your pursuit of healthy living? Try these out and let us know which worked best for you in the comments below.

If you are interested in having healthy snacks delivered to your home to further motivate you as you pursue your health goals, visit the SnackNation website HERE. To learn more about how you can integrate healthy living into your business endeavors, download our guide about the HUMAN healthy vending franchise and the SnackNation business opportunity here:

Healthy Vending

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Sophia Lopez
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