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United States Swim School Association (USSSA)

Our Relationship with the USSSA: HUMAN is the recommended vending partner of the USSSA — the preeminent swim school organization in the world with more than 400 members worldwide.

Why HUMAN Loves the USSSA: The USSSA and HUMAN have several shared values, including our heightened understanding that educating children on health, wellness, and survival techniques are a big part of leading a sustainable life.

More About the USSSA: Learn more about the USSSA HERE.


Alliance for a Healthier Generation  

Our Relationship with Healthier Generation: Human is a supporting partner of Alliance for a Healthier Generation and has pledged to
work together to bring healthy habits to young people across the country.

Why HUMAN Loves Healthier Generation: We love them because they are working to eliminate childhood obesity and inspire all young people in the U.S. to develop lifelong, healthy habits.  If we can nurture healthy habits in young Americans, they will last until they are old, healthy Americans.

More About Healthier Generation: Learn more about Healthier Generation HERE.


HealthierUS School Challenge

Our Relationship with the HealthierUS School Challenge: HUMAN supports
the HealthierUS School Challenge, and is working with individual schools and school districts to help them meet and exceed challenge guidelines by improving their nutritional standards.

Why HUMAN Loves the HealthierUS School Challenge: The HealthierUS Schools Challenge provides schools incentive to increase their nutritional standards, and recognizes schools that go above-and-beyond their counterparts in the field of school nutrition. The challenge sets tough guidelines for school administrators, and provides a plan of action for schools to reverse the effects of malnutrition, so is important to have medical insurance for cases like this, and resources  as the new health insurance could be really helpful for people taking care of their health.

More About the HealthierUS School Challenge: Learn more about the HealthierUS School Challenge HERE.


Let’s Move

Our Relationship with Let’s Move: HUMAN has partnered with Let’s Move and pledged to solve the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation.  HUMAN has been introduced in schools across the country, and is working hand-in-hand with the Let’s Move campaign to knock-out obesity in the locations children need it most.  Human is the only healthy vending company providing nutritional education to students, via LCD monitors in hallways and lunchrooms across the country.

Why HUMAN Loves Let’s Move: The Let’s Move Campaign is a large step in the right direction for our children, and our country.  Let’s Move address everything that is wrong with regards to childhood nutrition in our country, and because it is headed by Michelle Obama, it is garnering loads of publicity and is proving it’s policy effectiveness on a national scale.

More About Let’s Move: Learn more about Let’s Move HERE.


Loszach Report

Our Relationship with Loszach Report:  HUMAN has partnered with Loszach Report because we believe in employee
health and wellness. HUMAN is the exclusive vending partner of Loszach Report.

Why HUMAN Loves Loszach Report: It’s so important for employers to take active steps to improving the health and wellness of their employees. Loszach Report plays a crucial role in calculating the wellness of employees and finding solutions.

More About Loszach Report: Loszach Report offers a health and wellness assessment for organizations seeking to start or improve a wellness program. Using the Loszach Report allows companies like HUMAN to know exactly what the priorities of their wellness program should be.


National Joint Powers Alliance

Our Relationship with NJPA: Through a nation-wide competitive bid process, HUMAN became the official & exclusive vending partner
of NJPA, helping NJPA’s more than 30,000 members get rock-bottom pricing and special access to the nation’s most effective healthy vending programs and equipment.

Why HUMAN Loves NJPA: As one of the world’s largest non-profit procurement agencies, NJPA cares about one thing – providing value-enhancing benefits to its members. NJPA is a selfless organization that simply seeks to provide value to its partners.  We love to see that, and are glad to be a part of their overall mission.

More About NJPA: NJPA’s mission is to open a world of opportunities by creating an alliance between buyers and suppliers. NJPA’s mission is to strive to meet the needs of its members by providing valued solutions that are respected by their suppliers.



Our Relationship with ‘nPlay: As the official vending partner of ‘nPlay, HUMAN donates a percentage of its total proceeds to the foundation.

Why HUMAN Loves ‘nPlay: ‘nPlay’s mission is analogous to HUMAN’s – to end the growth of childhood obesity. They do so with the support of world-class, professional athletes such as Grant Hill, Jay Fiedler, Jennie Finch, and many others. This is a truly awesome organization of passionate people that get us at HUMAN seriously pumped-up.

More About ‘nPlay: ‘nPLAY is a peer-to-peer movement in which one athlete asks another to help, building membership and momentum. The organization’s initial focus is to help schools meet the criteria of the HealthierUS Schools Challenge. ‘nPLAY and the USDA-Food Nutrition Services are in the process of developing a partnership that will focus on increasing the time dedicated to physical activity/education in targeted schools. ’nPLAY is also partnered with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a coalition that brings together over 110 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, sporting goods and health insurance companies, restaurants, a professional sports association, trade associations, NGOs and the Army.


USDA MyPyramid Program

See HUMAN on the website HERE

Our Relationship with MyPyramid: As an official vending partner of the USDA’s MyPyramid Program, HUMAN supports the department’s
goals of advancing and promoting dietary guidelines for all Americans through the placement of 100% healthy vending machines that provide nutritional education and dietary advice via on-vendor digital LCD screens.

Why HUMAN Loves MyPyramid: HUMAN understands that nothing is more important in the fight against childhood obesity than educating consumers about the importance of the foods and drinks they consume. MyPyramid is making nutritional education a national effort and we dig that.

More About MyPyramid: Learn more about the USDA’s MyPyramid program and objective HERE.



Our Relationship with SPARK:
As the official vending partner of SPARK, HUMAN provides $250 to $500 vouchers to participating schools that want to integrate one of SPARK’s many health & physical education programs.

Why HUMAN Loves SPARK: A school needs a lot more than just healthy vending machines to be maximally effective in fighting childhood obesity.  SPARK provides the health & physical education programs that work in perfect parallel with HUMAN’s healthy vending machines. This is the 1-2 punch that schools need to knock-out childhood obesity and optimize student health.

More About SPARK: SPARK is a research-based organization that disseminates evidence-based Physical Education, After School, Early Childhood, and Coordinated School Health programs to teachers and recreation leaders serving Pre-K through 12th grade students. Each SPARK Program strives to foster environmental and behavioral change by providing a coordinated package of evidence-based curriculum, on-site staff development, lifetime follow-up consultation, and content-matched equipment. Since 1989, SPARK has provided curriculum materials, teacher training, and consultation to over 100,000 teachers and youth leaders, representing many thousands of schools, organizations, and agencies worldwide.


Email for more vending information about partnering with HUMAN healthy vending

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