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Unveiling Our “Hot HUMAN” Machine

The All-in-One Healthy Vending Solution

We have a new addition to the HUMAN family! Our new “Hot HUMAN” healthy vending machine is your one-stop shop to all your healthy vending needs.

Here are some features:

All-in-One Vending: Vends hot food, cold drinks, and healthy snacks

Ad-Serving System & Network: 23″ HD Video Screen generates an extra profit stream effortlessly

Internal PC Computer: Also known as the brains behind our Adventising program. Definitely essential to keeping your machine on the cutting edge

Eco-Friendly Design: Uses up to 50% less energy than your standard vending machine

Enhanced LED Lighting: Improves product presentation without requiring any service for 5+ years! Also, reduces energy costs by 40%

Product Selection: Wide variety of healthy menu selections available. Vends packages of all shapes and sizes

Credit Card Reader: Offers cashless (Debit/Credit) payment system to maximize purchase power

Remote Monitoring: Track sales and inventory from anywhere! Even generates custom reports so you can run your business more efficiently

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Creating Something Out of Nothing

How “Bricolage” is Essential for Any Type of Organization

Wait a minute…what exactly is “bricolage?”

This is probably a common question among anyone reading this right now, but I guarantee it is something you can’t afford NOT to know.

“Bricolage” is a French term with definitions corresponding to a variety of disciplines. There’s bricolage in art, literature, philosophy, and of course–business. According to the dictionary, bricolage is defined as “a construction made of whatever materials are at hand or something created from a variety of available things.”

In it’s simplest form, it means “creating something out of nothing.” Bricolage in business is working with limited resources and making something happen.

Bricolage Produces Novel Ideas

When you think about it, aren’t the most novel things the product of bricolage? Imagine being given a backpack filled with notebooks, pencils, binders, etc. and receiving instructions that you must create a different use for that backpack while incorporating EVERYTHING inside of it. It would probably be difficult, considering we already have the idea of a backpack and its use engrained in our heads.

Now, imagine you were given one item from that backpack, a pen for instance. Imagine you were given instructions that you must find a new use for that pen other than a writing instrument. Your resources are severely confined, but I bet you could think of a new use in no time. That pen could be a paperweight, pointer, or a “ruler” you could use to draw straight edges.

You just created something out of nothing. You just took a part in bricolage.

Bricolage for Business

In business, it’s necessary to use bricolage to your advantage. Having too many resources sets you in a tunnel-vision state of mind. It leaves your business stagnant and outdated. Bricolage gives way to innovation, and we all know how important that is to a successful venture.

In our case, we took a standard vending machine and used bricolage to take a creative vision and make it into a reality. We turned a traditional vending machine and made it into an innovative healthy vending machinewith credit card readers, remote monitoring, LCD screens, LED lighting, etc. All of these resources were out there somewhere, but never associated with a vending machine. Bricolage allowed us to gather all these resources and incorporate them into one machine.

The bottom line: Creating something out of nothing will set you up for SUCCESS. It is way more effective than creating nothing out of something.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

How to Manage the Battle Between Instant Gratification and Long Term Goals

Watch this video on how to deal with our body’s natural tendency to crave instant gratification. The bigger the challenge, the more resistance we have to overcome that challenge.

You’ll learn some interesting stuff.

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