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Want to know what the latest trends in nutrition are? Want to know what are the coolest new healthful products on the market? You’ve come to the right place!

As part of our commitment to knowing our industry and to finding the best products for our franchisees to sell in their healthy vending machines, we recently scoured the 33rd annual Natural Products Expo West – the largest natural, organic, and healthy products trade show, held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA – and we’re bringing our findings to you!

Click below to see the cool products Captain HUMAN discovers!


What are the newest trends?

A “Wholegrarian” Lifestyle: Consumers are no longer looking for “take away” diets (i.e. diets that forbid entire food groups or nutrients), but rather they’re looking for diets focused on whole foods and on “adding” (i.e. adding more fruits and vegetables). A few brands at the center of this movement include Brad’s Raw, Lyfe Kitchen, Made in Nature and MegaFood.

Transparency & Truth in Labeling: GMO labeling and labeling in general are going to be big discussion topics this year and this is certainly timely as Whole Foods just announced that they are setting a 5-year deadline for labeling all of their GMO products and Trader Joe’s recently announced that they will not carry genetically-modified salmon.

Progressive brands are building next-generation transparency into their supply chains, manufacturing processes and packaging, as well as business and marketing practices. Leaders in this movement include Dolphin Organics, One Degree Organic Foods, Vega, and Veggie-Go’s.

Speaking of transparency, there were a number of B Corporations at ExpoWest showcasing their social- and eco-conscious brands. Some of these include Plum Organics and Peeled Snacks. As you know, we are proud to be a Certified B Corp.

Non-GMO Project certifications are sprouting up on nearly everything. So, while the label GMO movement may have failed here in CA with Prop 37, we suspect things will change in the coming year. Some Non-GMO Project certified products include Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Lightly Sweet Popcorn, Annie’s fruit snacks, Barbara’s Snackimals, Funky Monkey products, Brad’s Raw products, and more.

Allergen-free snacks: Most product lines now have a vegan and gluten-free option (this certainly wasn’t the case before). Brands that have options that are vegan AND gluten-free include Brad’s Raw, Dr. Lucy’s, Earth’s Balance, Fabe’s, Larabars, Matt’s Munchies, and Peeled Snacks.

New Product Lines & Updates

  • Chobani just launched its Champions Tubes, which are portable tubes of flavored Greek yogurt designed for kids (but perfect for adults, too!)
  • Larabar just introduced its line of protein bars, which should be in all retailers by June. The flavors are: Cinnamon Apple Crisp, Lemon Pound Cake, Peanut Butter Cookie and Pumpkin Pie. Most vegan protein bars get their protein from soy protein isolate; these bars get it from pea protein. The same purity you’ll find in Larabars original bars can be found here too.
  • Lifeway ProBugs Blast is yogurt with probiotics designed for kids. Bugs rule!
  • Love Grown Foods has just launched a line of oatmeal cups! They use gluten-free-certified oats and all vegan & GF ingredients.
  • Matt’s Munchies are easily portable fruit squares without any added ingredients. These are pure deliciousness.
  • Pop Corners has just announced its new whole grain snack made with whole grain sorghum. The flavors include Memphis BBQ, Twisted Salt, and Sweet Cinnamon.
  • Snikkidy’s has just announced its new packaging. Check this out:
  • Sol Bites are all natural, all recyclable grab and go snacks with crackers and nut butter. Flavors are: PB&J, chocolate almond butter & strawberry, almond butter & honey.

If you’d like to learn about how you can bring the latest in healthful snacks to your community, please visit or call 310.845.7745.

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