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At HUMAN, we believe the main unit of progress we should fastidiously measure is how much we’re learning. We live by the quote: “Becoming is better than being.”

With this in mind, we believe that giving our healthy vending franchisees the training & perpetual education they need to thrive is not only essential to their business and happiness, but also to our success as a franchisor.

The above video introduces you to HUMAN’s Operational Optimization Program (“HOOP”), which is a12-week course conducted online that serves to give HUMAN Healthy Vending franchisees a deep-dive into how to succeed as a social entrepreneur.

Key components of HOOP training include:

  • Entrepreneurship 101;
  • The A-Z of building a profitable business;
  • Applying time-tested concepts to automated retail;
  • and more!

If you would like to learn more about HUMAN’s HOOP Training, please download our guide here:

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide To Launching & Growing A Healthy Automated Retail Business.”


For information on having a healthy vending machine, micro market or healthy snack delivery at your location, please click here.

We’d love to get to know you and answer all of your questions!

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Annabel Adams
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