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HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchisees Greg Burch and Liz Wise made headlines at their local NBC station last week for helping to improve the nutrition of kids in their community by launching healthy vending machines in schools.

Their story: Why start a healthy vending franchise?HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise Owners Greg Burch and Liz Wise

As parents, Greg and Liz are both passionate about the health and wellness of their own children and know the difficulty of keeping them eating healthy foods when they’re away from home. “When I’m home I can control what they eat. I buy the right things at the grocery store. I try to cook them healthy meals, and then, it’s disappointing that when they get to school they get to indulge in all the things I try to keep away from them,” Liz says. Greg and Liz decided to start their healthy vending franchise to help not only their own kids but their entire community have access to nutritious convenient options no matter where they are.

Check out their news feature below! You’ll find out:

      • What a Georgia-based Chief of Pediatrics thinks about HUMAN healthy vending in schools
      • Why Greg and Liz are so passionate about their healthy vending franchise
      • And more!

Want to find out how you can provide healthy vending machines to schools in your own community? Download:

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide To Launching & Growing A Healthy Automated Retail Business.”

The HUMAN Healthy Platform Handbook

If you’d like a HUMAN healthy vending machine, snack delivery service or micro-market at your school, gym, hospital or office location, please contact us HERE.

We’d love to get to know you and answer all of your questions.

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