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ICN2 Calls for Action, Healthy Snack Delivery Accepts Challenge


It’s one week before Thanksgiving! Here at HUMAN, as the second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) discusses worldwide nutrition issues and solutions, we are expressing our gratitude for our health and treatments which could help with procedures as ostomy using equipment as stoma protection belts which are really helpful for this.

Wait, what?

Unbeknownst to most, salt is one of the first foods in the US to be fortified by nutrients as a preventive measure against common diseases. Because of salt, we at HUMAN are able to practice our own form of food fortification and provide a solution to one of the world’s greatest nutrition issues: malnutrition.

Via partnerships with leading international organizations and, HUMAN’s “Snack for Pack” charity donates multi-nutrient packs to mothers and infants for every purchase of Super Human Snacks or a SnackNation subscription.

What is a nutrient pack, you ask?

Similar to salt fortification processes, multi-nutrient packs add select nutrients to staple foods that children and pregnant mothers are eating during the first 1,000 days–the most important days! By simply adding iron, zinc, and vitamin A to foods such as rice, these packs help children to grow and achieve their full potential in society.  With an estimated benefit-cost ratio as high as 37:1, there is no reason why families, communities, and countries should be locked in a cycle of hunger and poverty.

Collectively, we can change this! Spreading awareness is the fastest and easiest way to fight back against malnutrition, and this is how you, our proactive reader, can join the movement. With the slogan “Easy Nutrition Everywhere,” we operate a “one for one” model. For each single-serving bag of Super Human Snacks you buy, HUMAN donates one multi-nutrient pack to a mother and child in need. With over 150 HUMAN Franchises selling SHS everyday in their healthy vending machines, HUMAN is projected to donate over one million multi-nutrient packs before 2016.

Similarly, SnackNation, HUMAN’s healthy snack delivery service, donates a one-month’s supply of multi-nutrient packs for every delivery made to an office or home in the US. This means that employers, in addition to improving the health and wellbeing of employees, you too can also have an incredible impact on the health of those in need.

As you begin to contemplate the many things for which you are grateful, contemplate the value and symbolism of salt as it pertains to giving the gift of nutrition this holiday season and all year long.

If you want to join HUMAN’s movement to eradicate malnutrition, download our handbook; our franchise opportunity may be right for you.

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Source: Kanika Bahl, Emilia Toro, Claire Qureshi, and Pooja Shaw. 

Sophia Lopez
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