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105 Employee Wellness Ideas That Will Rejuvenate Your Office

employee wellness ideas

Pop quiz: what does “wellness” mean to you and your team?

And yes, your answer matters.

Attracting top talent. Reducing turnover. Boosting productivity and morale. Prevent a lawsuit due to emotional distress from an employee.

When your office makes a conscious effort to focus on employee wellness, these are the upsides you can look forward to.

Skeptical? Think about the common threads between the best places to work. Sometimes employees involve themselves with best casino site for removing stress.

It’s no surprise that top-tier companies overwhelmingly emphasize wellness as part of their office policies, perks, benefits and take into account this interesting article to know what not to do to prevent any legal dispute. And if you want talent to see your workplace as a cut above the rest, it’s probably time to revisit your own wellness programs.

The good news? Promoting wellness doesn’t have to some sort of lofty, expensive goal. In fact, there are dozens of employee wellness ideas any given office can start rolling out ASAP.

To get the best out of your team, managers need to rethink what wellness means in the workplace, League City Integrated Counseling and Wellness can help you finding the answer. As a result, we’ve broken down a whopping 105 employee wellness ideas to consider. These are fair game for businesses both big and small, all of which work toward the end-game of a happier, more engaged office.

And with that, let’s dive right in!

Free bonus: Download our entire list as a PDF. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference or print it for your company’s next Wellness Meeting. Includes 10 bonus ideas not found in this post.

1. Keep your employees well fed

Staying fed is a basic human need. However, not all offices are created equal in terms of what snacks they offer their workers.

Strive to go beyond sugar-filled, processed fare and instead stock your break room with healthier options. Providing workers with brain food not only keeps them focused, but encourages better eating beyond work.

SnackNation is a great option if you want to get an awesome mix of curated snacks delivered to your office each month without any work on your part.



2. Use walk and talk meetings as an excuses to get out of the office

Nobody wants to be cooped up in a cubicle all day, right? A great way to get the blood flowing and take people out of their traditional environment, consider holding your next meeting on-the-go.


3. Accommodate employees with a more flexible schedule

Perks such as flextime and remote work opportunities represent two of the most-requested benefits of modern employees.

Rather than force your team to stick to a rigid schedule, consider how you can loosen the reigns a bit. As long as workers are meeting expectations, the time on the clock shouldn’t hold them back.


4. Pay for your employees’ gym memberships

Not all employee wellness ideas happen within the walls of your office.

There are plenty of reasons why your workers might avoid hitting the gym, so don’t let the price tag be one of them. As an added bonus, encouraging employees to frequent the same gym is another way to promote healthy habits and team-building.

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5. Hold regular office fitness competitions

Lighthearted fitness challenges (think: hula hoop or jump rope competitions) are a brilliant way to bring your team together. Likewise, they can help ease workers into fitness who might not already be on board.



6. Encourage employees to keep track of their activity level

Fitness trackers such as Fitbits represent perfect gifts to promote wellness. Likewise, they’re crucial to tracking office-wide fitness competitions. Again, any small step that encourages your workers to get up and moving is a plus.


7. Frequent community meals and potlucks

Nothing brings people together quite like food, right?

Frequent potlucks represent a way for workers to show off their favorite flavors and bring departments together with out forgeting about treating lunch once in a while with the private event planner for San Jose special events healthy catering. As workplace loneliness is such serious problem, something as simple as a team lunch can make the world of difference. Try to hold community meals on a consistent basis (monthly, weekly) as well as during holidays.


8. Keep your office kitchen stocked with fresh options

This idea is a two-way street.

For starters, eating the exact same snacks week-in and week-out gets stale. Switching up your office fare on a regular basis is a nice surprise for your employees.

Also, don’t neglect the need to throw in some literal fresh selections as part of your office kitchen. Think about fruits that are currently in season or perhaps something you can pick up your local farmers’ market.


9. Designate remote work days

To piggyback on the importance of remote work, consider implementing specific days for employees to work on their own. Either as a reward or opportunity to give someone a change of pace, a new environment can work wonders for productivity.


10. Offer opportunities for working outdoors

No matter how decked out your office space might be, there’s no denying the need for some fresh air.  Rather than watch your employees stare out the window, think about putting together a patio or remote work spot on those days where being stuck inside is a drag.



11. Rethink your office layout

Despite popular belief, there is no “right” way to arrange your office, That said, ask yourself the following in regard to your current layout:

  • Does everyone on your team have a space to call their own?
  • Does your current office arrangement have a sense of flow where it’s easy to get from Point A to Point B?
  • Does your current layout allow for opportunities for teams to comfortably work side-by-side?


12. Set up some standing desks

Adjustable standing desks work in preventing back pain and other health problems associated with being totally sedentary. While some might be hesitant to such an arrangement at first, you might be surprised at how much workers warm up to them. Get more information on these online from office furniture stores such as Calibre Office Furniture.


13. Get moving with an office 5K

5Ks are perfect for offices because they’re typically friendly to runners of all fitness levels. The purpose of these races aren’t to smash PRs, but rather promote healthy habits outside of work.

Also, there’s a good chance there are multiple 5Ks happening in your city on any given week. Regularly running as an office is yet another smart way to ease workers into a more active lifestyle.


14. Encourage frequent brain breaks

Don’t just allow workers to step away from their desks: encourage it.

In fact, frequent breaks promote productivity versus trying to power through a mental plateau.  As highlighted in many of our employee wellness ideas, there’s more to modern work than staying glued to your desk.


15. Squash your company’s workaholic tendencies

To quote Basecamp CEO and Rework author Jason Fried: “Workaholics aren’t heroes.”

On a general note, make a point to create a company culture that puts your employees’ well-being on a pedestal. Remember: employee burnout is a company problem. Workers shouldn’t feel guilted into putting in late hours or overtime “just because.”

Of course, employees should still get down to business. To avoid workaholic syndrome, strive to maximize productivity while your workers are on the clock.


16. Make vacation time mandatory

Have an employee that totally knocked it out of the park? Feel that someone on your team needs a much-needed vacation?

Cool. Let them have it.

Unconventional companies such as  Valve are infamous for requiring employees to go on vacation after a period of high stress. While not your typical perk, it’s a nice touch for noteworthy workers following a major product.



17. Shoutout your team members on your company site

Including employees bios on your company site is a friendly way to show that you’re proud of your team members.

Also, conducting a mini-interview can teach you more about your employees’ quirks while also allowing them to put their personality on display.


18. Ditch the traditional company dress code

Ask yourself: what’s the purpose of your company dress code policy?

Sure, you might want some form of office etiquette, consider picking your battles in terms of dress code.

Is it really a big deal if someone wears flip flops? Is covering up tattoos worth losing a potential star hire?

If you’re working in a “suit and tie” industry, consider at the very least implementing a casual Friday where workers can let loose in terms of their attire.


19. Let your coworkers bring their critters to the office

Think about how important your employees’ furry family members are to them.

Consider opportunities to allow your team to bring their pets to work from time to time. Many companies today have their own dedicated office mascots to lighten the mood and bring team members together, too.


20. Find time for families in the office

Of course, don’t forget about your coworkers’ human family members as well.

Bringing kids to work is a great way for fellow parents in the office to connect. Also, doing so is a reminder of your employees’ lives beyond the office walls. Perhaps the key to making your team feel more like a family is by seeing firsthand the families your office supports.


21. Keep your office stocked with supplies

It’s always a good idea to have extra supplies that your team has constant access to. Whether it’s traditional office fare (paper, post-it notes) or their tech needs (cords, external hard drives, peripherals), your employees should always feel like they’re well-equipped to work.



22. Give your break room a much-needed boost

Although you don’t necessarily need the sort of playground-style break rooms swagged out with beer taps or scooters, you should offer your workers a place to unwind. A playful break room signals that you both appreciate your employees and know that from time to time they need, well, a break.

Encouraging them to rethink the way they commute can also play a big part in their health. More and more people are considering using scooters or bikes to go to places. Maybe you can get them to try. MyProScooter offers discounts on their reviewed lists of makes and models on scooters, skateboards, and bikes. See for yourself, you might find something that you really like on their site.


23. Surprise your team with free time

Not all employee wellness ideas need to be explicitly planned or announced.

Want to take your team on an impromptu lunch? Want to let everyone out an hour early on Friday? If your employees seem stressed and you can sense the tension, don’t be afraid to reward them with free time at a moment’s notice.


24. Reward workers who ditch their gas-guzzlers

Commutes represent a massive source of stress and wasted time for the average worker.  As such, consider incentivizing workers to ditch the traditional traffic grind. For example, you can offer bonuses to bike-riders or those who use downtown bike-share programs. You can also pay the fee for your workers willing to take the local train or light rail.


25. Encourage desk decorations

The more opportunities for your workers to show off their creative side, the better.

Allow your workers to make their workspaces feel more like home. Whether through artistic flair or something as simple as family photos, give your employees free reign over their space.


26. Keep your team educated with an office library

Anything you can do to encourage your team to become lifelong learners is a plus. This might mean providing community access to industry literature, technology or even fictional favorites your coworkers can read during their free time.


27. Get creative with a community wall

Perfect for office-wide announcements, employee recognition or just letting workers sound off, community walls are a creative way to bring people together.


28. Bring in an office chef

Give your employees something tasty to look forward to from time to time. Guest chefs are awesome for keeping your workers fed and also teaching your team a thing or two about the art of cooking.


29. End any and all meetings on a positive note

Don’t overlook the power of praise and recognition.

Ask yourself: how often are you highlighting your coworkers’ great work?

Making a conscious effort to end your interactions on a high is a much-needed morale booster for many offices. Even in the midst of a serious meeting or bad news, people should feel empowered rather than beaten down.



30. Make maternity (and paternity) leave a priority

More and more companies are offering comprehensive maternity and paternity leave for parents to show their support. After all, employees shouldn’t feel punished for parenthood: make sure that your company puts family first.


31. Organize office pick-up games

Whether it’s soccer or basketball, pick-up games at your local park or rec center are great way for coworkers to connect and stay fit.


32. Support your local sports team as a company

If you live in a city with a notable sports team, consider buying a set of season tickets on behalf of your office. Such tickets are great for office rewards and giveaways, and are also a good way for employees to bond.


33. Compensate your coworkers for continuing education

Reality check: 51% of workers are actively looking for new jobs and opportunities.

You can’t stop your employees’ desires to grow, so why not encourage their growth under your watch? Whether it’s work-related courses or conferences, picking up the tab shows your support and could ultimately result in retaining them long-term.


34. Shower your team with office swag

Let your employees quite literally wear your company on their sleeves. Decking out your coworkers with office swag is a playful idea for showing off company pride while also keeping employees well-equipped to work.


35. Hold a different health challenge every month

Promoting a healthy lifestyle among your employees means being consistent.

Holding healthy challenges month after month constantly promotes new habits for long-term fitness.

Which department scored the most steps in October? Who’s been keeping up with the 100 push-up challenge?

These challenges represent a way to commit to a culture of wellness that isn’t overwhelming or in-your-face to employees who are new to fitness.


36. Pick your employees’ brains on how you can improve office morale

If you want something, sometimes it’s best to just ask.

For example, if you’re struggling to figure out what’s off about your office, consider a digital check-in or a face-to-face meeting with employees in private. Gathering feedback is key to any effective wellness program.


37. Make wellness part of your company newsletter

Make sure to include wellness tips and news as part of your company newsletter. These pointers might be reminders for flu shots, updates on upcoming fitness events (think: yoga in the park, a local 5K) or congratulating the winners of your office fitness competitions.


38. Join a sports league as an office

Chances are some of your employees are serious about sports and want something more than the occasional pick-up game. To support those with a competitive streak, consider paying for your team to join up with a local sports league.


39. Pay for your workers’ health screenings

As part of reminding people to take care of themselves, pick up the tab for procedures such as breast cancer screenings or physicals. Again, the price tag shouldn’t deter someone from focusing on their long-term health.


40. Rethink your office seating options

Beyond standing desks, also consider revamping your office’s chair situation with creative seating options such as yoga balls. In short, do what you can do to make your workers feel comfortable and literally more supported.



41. Encourage flu shots and seasonal wellness

Poor health and frequent illness are both huge factors in employee absenteeism. Keep your coworkers up-to-date on bugs going around as well as general health tips via email, social media or signage in the office.


42. Volunteer as a team

Another common thread between the best places to work is that they boast dedicated days for workers to volunteer.

Philanthropy has become a staple of modern companies, and rightfully so.  Volunteering both brings you closer as a company and is a positive for your local community.


43. Sponsor a local youth sports team

This wellness idea combines fitness with getting closer to your local community. Sponsoring or coaching a youth team is a prime for working parents whose kids are already involved in sports.


44. Build your own on-site gym

Boasting a gym on-site provides less of an excuse for your workers to neglect their next workout. If nothing else, it’s a great way to give your employees somewhere to let off some steam.

For smaller businesses, an office gym doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, you can pick up second-hand gym equipment for a bargain on Craigslist. Meanwhile, yoga balls and mats are a cost-effective basis for building up an area for workers to work out, even get a yoga teacher training goa to motivate them to assist.


45. Let workers get fit at their desks

Also consider opportunities for employees to work out without having to leave their desks.

For example, you can encourage office exercises to get people’s heart rates up in a matter of minutes. Pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands are totally fair game for working out in a small space, too.


46. Hold the occasional company cook-off

Some people take their recipes seriously. As part of your company potlucks, think about holding the occasional competition so your coworkers can pit their dishes against one another.


47. Provide your workers with vegan options

Vegetarianism and veganism are both on the rise among the public at large. A subtle way to support your workers’ lifestyles, introducing cruelty-free options can actually introduce non-vegans to new dishes and perhaps open their minds a bit in the process.


48. Give employees stake in the office snacks

On a related note, consider running a poll to see exactly what your coworkers want in terms of food options. Providing variety is a great start, but giving your employees stake in what they’re eating is even better.


49. Keep your coworkers hydrated

There’s a direct correlation between hydration and productivity. The water cooler is a staple of the traditional office: make sure your workers have constant access to H2O having the edr3rxd1 filter helps reduce chlorine taste and odor, giving you clean, great-tasting drinking water, furthermore, you might want to consider providing some fruit-flavored waters (think: orange, cucumber) to workers for the sake of variety.


50. End the week on a high note with a Fun Friday

Admit it: you’re probably pretty fried by the time Friday rolls around, right?

Whether it’s office cocktail hour or a Mario Kart tournament, ending the week on a fun note is a good idea. Doing so sets the tone for the weekend and makes sure everyone’s batteries are recharged by the time they return to work on Monday.


51. Visit your local animal shelter

As part of your office’s commitment to volunteering, consider a local animal shelter. Shelters are constantly understaffed and in need of help, presenting a great way for your animal-loving employees to put in some volunteer hours.


52. Jam out with a collaborative office playlist

Hey, some people are just plain more productive when they’re jamming out. Creating a collaborative office playlist through Spotify both shows off your coworkers’ music tastes and is great for lightening the mood.



53. Keep your team members caffeinated

No matter how you slice it, some people just plain run on caffeine.

As such, you should offer up a variety of caffeine options to keep your coworkers going.

We’re not just talking about Folgers, either.

Think Kenyan and Ethiopian blends. Chai and green teas. The list goes on and on.


54. Provide opportunities for deep work

While many of our employee wellness ideas are fun-focused, bear in mind that the ultimate goal of wellness programs is happiness and productivity.

For example, there’s growing research that supports the notion of  “deep work” for modern workers. In other words, employees deserve uninterrupted time to get down to business that’s totally distraction free.

Providing such opportunities to employees helps foster a sort of “work hard, play hard” mentality.


55. Give your workers a quiet space

On a related note, there’s actually been a recent shift back toward cubicles because many workers lack a sense of privacy and privacy in totally open settings. Remember that not everyone is a total extrovert, and also that some people flat out can’t focus when they’re surrounded by others.

Support workers who need a quiet environment by providing them with a space with a “do not disturb,” library vibe. Whether it’s a dedicated meeting room or a portion of the office, such space should send a clear signal to fellow employees to be respectful.


56. Breathe some life into your workspace with office plants

Feel like your office space is a bit lifeless? Change that. Hard-to-kill office plants such as aloe and cacti are perfect for a change of scenery and don’t require too much upkeep.


57. Switch up your workplace scents

Representing natural mood boosters, scents such as cinnamon, rosemary or vanilla sprinkled throughout the office are a subtle way to keep your work environment fresh.


58. Equip employees with company water bottles

Remember what we said earlier about staying hydrated? Hooking your employees up with water bottles ensures they don’t need to leave their desks to hit the water cooler.


59. Be willing to talk about mental health

Modern offices can’t afford to shy away from conversations about mental health.

Unfortunately, nearly 50% of employees fear talking about the need for therapy because they don’t want to be judged by their bosses. Taking the initial step to talk about mental wellness eases the mind of your employees and again signals your support.


60. Provide financial incentives for a healthier lifestyle

Sometimes jump starting someone’s fitness journey requires a bit of a financial push.

Whether it’s smoking cessation or regularly hitting the gym, connecting healthy living to cash bonuses is a huge motivator. Doing so also shows your commitment to employee wellness at large.


61. Hold a stair challenge

If you’re stuck on the top floor of your office complex, use your company’s stature to its advantage. In conjunction with your office fitness challenges, seeing who can scale the most stairs over the course of the month is a fun way to promote more steps among your team.


62. Support creative hobbies outside of work

How many of your coworkers are artists? Musicians? Do you know what their creative aspirations are?

Here’s some food for thought: approximately half of workers struggle with work-life balance. As such, showing interest in activities outside of work is a must-do toward promoting workplace friendships.


63. Offer over-the-counter medication on-site

No matter how healthy your coworkers might be, headaches and colds are inevitable. Providing a pharmacy with over-the-counter meds on-site provides peace of mind to workers and prevents them from having to step out.


64. Let sick workers stay home

On a related note, workaholic culture guilts people to come into work even when they’re feeling low and slugging. This is a lose-lose situation as sick workers can’t be expected to be productive, meanwhile you’re potentially exposing the rest of your office to widespread sick days.

As such, foster a culture which encourages workers not to second-guess their health. Whether it’s remote work or time off, remind your employees that their wellness comes first.



65. Consciously promote acceptance and equality in the workplace

Although this might seem like a no-brainer, no worker can truly feel comfortable in the workplace if they don’t feel accepted for their gender, race or religion.

Consider how companies such as Salesforce have consciously worked to close the gender wage gap and encourage an active dialogue about the equal treatment of workers.


66. Implement a volunteer time off (VTO) policy

Another popular emerging policy among top-tier companies is providing explicit time off for workers to go volunteer.  This allows companies to highlight their commitment to local communities as well as workers being a force for good.


67. Provide an avenue for anonymous employee feedback

Approximately 50% of all employees are afraid to speak their minds at work. Anonymous surveys (think: SurveyMonkey or tools like Officevibe) and digital suggestion boxes allow your workers the chance to spill their guts without fear of repercussion.


68. Encourage team huddles versus formal meetings

Formal meetings aren’t the only ones that matter. Frequent team huddles and five-minute check-ins promote positive touchpoints among employees and are respectful of your team’s time.


69. Offer a support program for new parents

Can you name anything more overwhelming than becoming a new parent? Providing explicit support in terms of time off and flexibility are crucial for employees who are either expecting or just welcomed their latest bundle of joy.


70. Hold the occasional giveaway just because

As noted, not all employee wellness ideas need to follow strict guidelines. Giving away the occasional iPad or weekend getaway represent random acts of kindness that show your heart to employees.


71. Go all out at your office parties

Office parties are perfect for letting loose, but they also serve as an awesome opportunity to recognize your employees. Whether it’s a company-wide toast or epic swag bags, remind your workers that they’re worthy of celebration.


72. Take time for team-building

Inclusive team-building activities such as escape rooms or drink-and-draws are brilliant for bringing your company closer together.



73. Make a point to mentor new employees

Here’s a sobering statistic:  28% of new employees quit within the first 90 days of a new gig. Lack mentorship is detrimental to new hires. Make a conscious effort to make sure your latest talent is supported and the lines of communication are wide open.


74. Plaster positive signage throughout the office

Something as simple as a mission statement or motivational quote on the wall serves as a reminder to what your company is all about it. If nothing else, creative signage gives your employees something to look at beyond a blank space.


75. Decorate for the holidays

A subtle way to raise your coworkers’ spirits, decorating for the holidays is another idea for keeping your working environment from ever feeling uninspired.


76. Let your boss take workers out to lunch

Offices should encourage positive relationships between higher-ups and all team members. Transparency is especially meaningful to young workers, so something as simple as having your CEO take new hires out to lunch is a good way to get off on the right foot.


77. Offer bereavement leave to support employees during tough times

Your employees can’t be expected to be 100% present at work if their emotions are elsewhere.

Offering time off to struggling employees who’ve lost a loved one is just one way to show your support. Also, consider how companies like Kimpton offer bereavement leave for employees who’ve lost their pets.


78. Pay for your workers’ biometric screenings

Monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol are crucial components of staying healthy but are easy for busy workers to overlook. As such, paying for screenings provides an incentive for workers to receive regular checkups.


79. Celebrate totally random holidays

From Pi Day to National Donut Day, embracing the conventional holidays on the calendar represent fun opportunities to surprise your team with the occasional party.


80. Impromptu office awards

Who’s the best dressed in your office? Who has the most creative workspace?

Not unlike random holidays, providing each of your team members with impromptu rewards shows that you recognize their personalities.



81. Conduct monthly charity donations on behalf of your company

Creating a charity pool for your office is another thoughtful opportunity to give back. You could also add a stake to your office competitions by allowing winners to choose which charity receives your donation.


82. Offer tuition reimbursement for workers furthering their education

Companies today are expected to offering continuing export for budding workers. Although it may seem a bit backward on the surface, tuition reimbursement results in long-term savings on recruiting and talent management.


83. Invest in employee engagement software

Getting feedback from your coworkers is important, but so is doing so in a timely manner. Employee engagement tools like Officevibe’s employee net promoter score only require a few seconds for your workers to answer as you gather valuable information.


84. Take time to say “thanks”

“Thank you” emails are a nice touch, but taking the time to handwrite something for your employees shows that you appreciate a job well done. Plus, thank-you’s plastered on your workers’ desks serve as positive reminders of your appreciation.


85. Put your coworkers in a Post-it-note war