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Jason Bryant, a HUMAN franchisee in Concord, New Hampshire, sat down with us at the Elevation Summit (our 3-day training for franchisees who’ve already launched in the field) to share his thoughts on choosing the right healthy vending franchise and what he hopes to accomplish as a franchisee. You can watch the exclusive interview below:

Based on Jason’s generous feedback, we’ve compiled the top 5 strategies he used to find a franchise that was right for him. If you’re looking into franchise opportunities, this is a very valuable read.

How to Choose the Right Healthy Vending Franchise (or Any Franchise)

1. Determine a need. Is there a need for this franchise’s service? Is the service going to be an easy sell because it’s already in demand? Is the service evergreen (meaning it will have long-term value)? Junk-fast-food franchises, for example, are facing decreased profits and increased consumer scrutiny: “Over the last decade there has been increased focus on the quality of food served in fast food restaurants. Typically highly processed and industrial in preparation, much of the food

[sold in fast-food franchises] is high in fat and has been shown to increase body mass index (BMI) and cause weight gain” [source].

Jason: “It kind of dawned on us that healthy vending is needed.”

2. Do your Research. You’re not going to invest your time and money into a business that you haven’t researched inside and out. Research the franchise you think you’d like AND its competitors. You want to get a 360-view of the industry and all of its players.

Jason: “…we did basic Google searches, found HUMAN, found some of the other competitors. It was clear immediately that none of those other competitors were on the same level as HUMAN, so as far as choosing HUMAN over other healthy vending franchises as itself, was a no brainer and we were very excited to find this business.”

3. Work with larger consumer & legislative trends.

This goes back to #1—is there a need? Even better—is there a movement in support of what this franchise is selling? When it comes to healthy vending, for example, there is a movement to legislating what can be sold in public spaces, like the USDA’s “Smart Snacks In School” rules which set nutrient and ingredient requirements competitive foods sold in schools (FYI—these rules go into effect this July 1st!).

Jason:That’s very exciting, especially with the [Smart Snacks In School] guidelines coming from the public schools, the timing is right to do something like this and it makes a positive difference”

4. Have a Purpose. As human beings, we’re fueled by purpose—that is by the why that drives us, the thing that gets us out of bed, what we believe in. If you’re going to spend your life as a business owner, that business should fuel your life’s purpose. Tweet: If you’re going to spend your life as a business owner, that business should fuel your life’s purpose! via @healthyvending

Jason: “I’ve known I want to work for myself and run my own business, but not just any business. I want to love what I’m doing and I want to really believe in what I’m doing, what I’m selling, so this was a perfect match for me for sure.”

5. Ensure Transparency is Valued by the Franchisor. Make sure you choose a franchisor that values being accessible to its franchisees. If there is a huge hierarchy or chain of command within the franchisor? How easy will it be for you to get your questions or concerns addressed in a timely fashion?

Jason:Any time I have any need to contact someone at HUMAN, I love that I know who to contact and that goes for anybody, Sean, Andy… Typically, in most companies you don’t get to go talk to the guys at the top and they are not even visible. Everything here is very transparent. HUMAN is very open and honest about how they operate everything on every level, and really I appreciate that.”

Jason Bryant & partner Karen Morais currently have healthy vending machines at Goffstown High School and St. Paul’s School and a healthy micro market at Delta Dental.

Do you want to get started on your research to determine if HUMAN’s healthy vending franchise is a good fit for you?

Click HERE to download “The Ultimate Insider’s Guide To Launching & Growing A Healthy Automated Retail Business.”


For information on having a healthy micro market, vending machine or snack delivery service at your location, please click HERE.

We’d love to get to know you and answer all of your questions!

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Annabel Adams
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