Secrets of the Top Franchises

The top franchises in the United States didn’t achieve success by mistake. Their continued growth and the success of their franchisees are not a fluke.

In order to become a top franchise, each of these companies had to implement a secret recipe for success: a solid business model, backed by great products and loads of support for franchisees. Not only that, they had to continue perfecting that model over time, using the direct feedback and demands of business owners.

So, what exactly is that secret recipe? Every major franchisor will tell you something different, but below are a few of the common characteristics that have helped define the country’s top franchises. Note to entrepreneurs: if you’re comparing different business opportunities, these are characteristics you should be looking for, regardless of what the industry is or who your target customers are!


Characteristics of Top Franchises

Create a great product.
Every great business is built upon a great product. Without it, you are just taking people’s money and providing no value in return. The top franchises got where they are by putting their focus into developing unique products that people need and crave.

Give franchisees the support they need to be successful.
When franchisees don’t receive support from the franchisor, they are essentially being set up for failure. The best franchises have figured out that their franchisees are critical to their success. If you give them what they need – a proven business model, marketing assistance, business expertise and more – then everyone wins.

Believe in the power of the brand.
The best franchises are so recognizable in the marketplace because they have focused on building rock-solid brands. That includes the name, the logo, the language, the colors and every aspect of the customer experience. Franchises that have confused, inconsistent brand identities will always fall behind their competitors.

Offer a proven, easy-to-duplicate business model.
If you’re looking for the perfect franchise opportunity, make sure the business has a proven, successful model that you can copy. Without this, there is no reason to be paying those hefty franchise fees, because you’re better off just starting your own business from scratch. The most successful franchises are constantly perfecting their business model and ensuring that every single franchisee is following the same exact system.

Train, train, train.
What’s the point of having a business model if franchisees don’t know how to implement it? The top franchises invest heavily in training to prepare entrepreneurs for success. If you find a business that offers zero training, then you may want to look for another opportunity.

Additional information about Top Franchises

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