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Choosing a franchise can be an arduous task, but one of the first steps to making the right decision is asking the right questions.

We want to make it easier for you by passing along the know-how of our franchisees who have been there, done that.

Jason Bryant and Karen Morais—a franchisee team based in Concord, New Hampshire—describe, below, the four questions you should ask when choosing a franchise.

Click above to watch & learn from Jason & Karen

Jason Bryant and Karen Morais are new HUMAN franchisees who have already secured two high school locations for healthy vending machines and a location for a healthy micro market. Pulled from the video above, the following are the top four questions they asked before choosing HUMAN as their franchise opportunity:

1.  Is the service or product the franchise provides in demand? Is this franchise working with trends or against them? Is there a need for this service in your community?

When it comes to HUMAN—we’re working with trends for healthful eating. There is not just a consumer demand, but also a legislative demand for healthy vending and other automated retail technologies.

2.  Does the franchise offer a support system that will truly lift me up when I need it? Will this franchise take your money and then leave you to fend for yourself or is its leadership invested in your success with systems and policies in place to ensure your growth?

When it comes to HUMAN—we support our franchisees in all steps of their business with countless tools, systems and one-on-one support not just to solve challenges but also to expand their businesses. As Jason says in the video, HUMAN offers, “community, team,

[and a] support system.”

3.  Does the franchise’s marketing and branding differentiate itself from the competition? Does this franchise have brand recognition? Is there a smart marketing strategy in place that you can leverage?

When it comes to HUMAN, our green hand logo has brand recognition and everything we do, from our machine wraps to the marketing collateral we send to prospect locations, is carefully crafted to represent our mission, provide value and to create relationships with consumers.

4. Does the franchise offer value to the community so that I will be supported in the launch of my business? Is there a social entrepreneurship angle to the franchise whereby society benefits from the launch and success of this business? Does the business model itself encourage support from the community or is there the possibility that this business will be met with discontent?

When it comes to HUMAN, we have a mission that is larger than us. We are a franchise system that creates “easy nutrition everywhere” by utilizing healthy vending machines, unattended self-checkout convenience stores, and other convenient distribution channels to bring healthier, better-for-you foods and drinks directly to where people need them most. Our vision is to make healthy food more convenient than junk food. We donate 10% of our profits to improve childhood nutrition and our company is a certified B Corporation. Our franchisees find themselves welcomed with open arms by their communities. As Jason points out, his community welcomed his business. Need proof? Check out a recent article on Jason and Karen in their local paper here.

Do you have questions you want to ask us?

To learn more about HUMAN and about becoming a franchisee, download “The Ultimate Insider’s Guide To Launching & Growing A Healthy Automated Retail Business.” We’d love to get to know you and answer all of your questions.

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